Robert Owens

by the partae

Where are you currently based?

Berlin, Germany.

You will be playing shows in Europe (Germany, Edinburgh, Estonia ) and additionally in Hong Kong until end of 2017, do the shows differ much country to country? What’s the best and most challenging part of touring for such long periods?

Yes I’m playing many dates across Europe and other parts of the world, people often contact me direct about playing in lots of beautiful places, I try to find a balance between what, manager and agency think is best, there is nothing challenging about love that’s why I do this, just seeing, feeling and giving love keeps me happy and I want to always give that happiness back to others.

Please tell us about how you started to sing professionally?

I’ve been doing it for so long I don’t remember all the details, from a child friends and family Designated me the entertainer at our gatherings, From 5 or 6 there were people in my life that believed in me, that moved on to church then house parties setup by myself and a few friends then pubs and clubs, around the age of about 22 I was introduced to Larry Heard we recorded many tracks together labels came into play the pleasure of recording with many other artist and here I am still moving forward.

How did you singing career develop?

Recording my vocals on tape, playing them back over my set, then meeting Larry Heard, letting him checkout my vocals and writing, recording with him, playing those early tracks at clubs, then the labels stared approaching us for deals.

Your tracks “I’m strong” and “missing you” were played by Larry Heard at Sunfall festival 2017 (London). With a past of working with these guys, how exciting was this for you to hear?

I wasn’t there, I think I would have been excited if I was also booked on the date.

What factors do you attribute to your success?

Remembering my roots, always staying focused on the thought, people first and the thought that I do this for love.

What do you think it takes for a track to make it so far?

I have never looked at things from that view point, I go into a studio and give from my heart and hope others feel the emotions I convey.

Please also tell us how and when you got into djing?

From 11 or 12 I’ve been the one at family and friends houses picking out the music, so everything has just naturally evolved over the years for me, I’m lucky people put me in this position.

How has the electronica scene changed since you started?

I don’t follow the scene I just do me and keep things moving.

You recently performed in the Back Basics Hooks Groove Armada Basement Jaxx and more Leeds Orchestra Concert, what was this show like to be play?

So so special and beautiful being amongst all those amazing artist, one of the best high lights 2017 so far, it was nothing but unconditional love all around you priceless event I felt so grateful.

How did the show come about?

Me and Dave Beer have been friends for many years, he call me and said mate come play this date for me and I said for sure no problem, that’s how friends get things sorted.

How was the feedback from the audience?

Overwhelmingly amazing..

What are your plans for the future?

To continue enjoying this beautiful musical journey I’m on.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Watching TV.

Who are your top 3 influences?

I’d be here all night thinking about that one, my greatest influence is loving and enjoying right now.


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