The Rise of Ethical and Sustainable Lingerie

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The Rise of Ethical and Sustainable Lingerie

As more and more people become aware of the different environmental issues that plague the world, consumers are changing their buying behaviours for the better. Customers, these days, are not only looking for quality and affordable products, they are also on the lookout for sustainable and ethically sourced ones. This reality has eventually given rise to a number of sustainable and ethical lingerie brands. Here are some of them:

Organic Basics

In order to live up to the motto “Basically Better Made,” Organics Basics is aimed at creating incredibly comfortable, high-quality everyday underwear. This five-year-old company utilises GOTS-certified cotton to make pieces that have antibacterial properties and are capable of regulating heat.

Hara The Label

If you are looking for Instagram-worthy pieces that are too beautiful to cover up, Hara The Label will be right up your alley. Pieces from this brand are not only made out of sustainable bamboo fabrics but are also coloured using natural dyes. Hara The Label also tries to make sure that much of their processes are ethical, and they go out of their way to support environmental justice organisations.

ColieCo Poppy

Perfect for those who are feeling extra adventurous, ColieCo Poppy tries their hardest to create pieces that exude fun, boldness and sustainability. ColieCo Poppy’s head-turning cuts and patterns are all made in an in-house studio in Portugal by well-paid, highly skilled workers. To reduce their carbon footprint and accommodate as many body types as possible, this brand offers custom sizing and allows buyers to request design modifications.

Uye Surana

Aimed at producing lovely intimate wear options for women of all sizes, Uye Surana offers inclusive lingerie pieces that can go from XS to 3XL. Each of their pieces is carefully handprinted in a family-owned factory. Much of their products are made in small batches to limit excessive and wasteful use of water and dye.


Another brand that provides ample support to local artisans is Cosabella. This Italy-based brand is known for its incredibly stylish pieces that are handcrafted using Renaissance-era techniques. What’s even better is that their main colour lab creates natural dyes with waters straight from the Alps.

Choosing intimate wear

Getting the right size

Much of the confidence-boosting effects of intimate wear rely not on the design or the material it was made of, but on its fit. As explained in PrettyMe’s review of different lingerie types, getting the right size is even more important than finding the most aesthetically appealing design for you. The perfect size will not only ensure adequate support, comfort and breathability but also reduce your risk of developing allergic reactions such as rashes and redness.

Investing in high-quality fabrics

Lingerie pieces are made of all sorts of fabric. If you want one that will last you a good number of years, is gentle and smooth on the skin and will not cause itch or irritation, Who What Wear’s guide to buying lingerie emphasised that it is best to find the pieces that are made of high-quality, hypoallergenic fabrics.

Choosing the style that suits your body best

One of the main reasons why women buy lingerie is because these kinds of garments have a way of making one feel good about herself. To ensure that you are able to get that feeling off of intimate wear, go for styles that will highlight your figure in the best way possible. Style Craze’s list of lingerie designs for every body type mentioned how corsets are perfect for those who want to reduce the size of their waist. On the other hand, bustiers work wonders for those who want to give their bosoms a little boost and make them look rounder.

Lingerie may be one of those pricey purchases that will make you hesitate for while. However, once you’ve found the perfect piece that is not only figure-flattering and confidence-boosting but is also sustainable and ethically made, it will surely be an investment that is worth every single dollar. To keep yourself updated with the latest trends in ‘Fashion and Culture’, make sure to visit our page.

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