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RENESSCO weaves heartache and indie pop on new track ‘Glass House’

How does it feel to have a track like ‘Glass House’ out in the world – as an introductory piece, how does this track capture Renessco?

It’s been pretty liberating, honestly. I feel such a giant weight being lifted off my shoulders. I had harboured a lot of feelings the past summer and that worked its way to the first two singles. It took a long while to put them out which was driving my anxiety through the roof, so having them out now is a massive relief. Being able to expel my energy into my project and see the songs connect with literally anyone is really rewarding. 

You’ve been making music for years now, how would you say your approach to songwriting and making music has changed (if any) with this project?

I think when I was a teenager, I wanted to make music that did things for my career. In my previous project, I really loved being calculated and precise with every little thing that I was doing. It was a bit of a computer game really, writing songs. Now that I’m starting again, I’m just writing songs that mean something to me and I don’t really do it for anyone else any more. There are aspects of that which make things different and even difficult at times, but having the ability to just do what I want and not have to seek approval from others is kind of the payoff for me. Generally speaking though, my approach to songwriting hasn’t really changed from when I was just a kid in my bedroom. I still need my notepad, I still play the same chords over and over again, still keep it as honest as I can.

Is ‘Glass House’ part of a Renessco EP or album? Is there a broader vision in mind when you’ve been making music for Renessco?

I mean, without letting the cat out of the bag, yes. I recorded a bunch of songs in the summer and I guess I would like to put them out? Who knows!

Let’s talk influences : are there any artists in particular who you think have specifically driven your music as Renessco?

Paul Simon, my dad used to play this anthology of his songs in his car and it basically shaped my musical brain. I love Bob Dylan, Taylor Swift, Tom Petty and James Taylor. Being a child of the internet I was so spoiled for choice when it came to music, everything was so accessible so it’s kind of hard to really pin down what your main influences are these days. But I would say Paul Simon had a big part of my childhood.

You’ve split time between WA and Victoria; what was it that brought you to Melbourne and how have you found the local music scene?

I am practically a dual-citizen at this point. I moved to Victoria because I wanted to get away from the same old, you know? I love Perth, I miss my friends and my family all the time. But there’s something exciting about Melbourne, I’ve only briefly been able to go to gigs because the state of the world obviously didn’t let me. But when I have been able to go out, it’s really fuel for fire in a way. The scene is really competitive. But I really like that, I think of myself as a really competitive person so I really want to be in amongst the action. I get to start from scratch and create my own narrative which is really exciting. With the life I live in Victoria, I just want to feel I did the best I could. 

What do you miss the most about WA when you’re not there?

Everything from the food to the sceneries to the music culture is so rich out on the west coast! It’s really hard to go past my family and my friends. I love them dearly, not being able to see them or know when I’m seeing them next has been really difficult. I can say I’ve been blessed to be able to visit them a few times in the past two years and some people haven’t had that luxury, so I totally don’t want to take that away from anyone. Also miss hanging around Fremantle, it’s my favourite place in the entire world. I know for sure that one day I’ll go back to Perth full time, I’m

What’s 2022 looking like for Renessco – what can you tell us about new music in the pipeline?

I really hope I can do shows. Both in Victoria and Western Australia, that would be awesome. I have a lot planned in terms of music, I’ve been working away really hard and consistently in the studio trying to write the best things I can. So I think 2022 will be really productive for me, I don’t really want to think about stats and followers and all that kinda stuff, I just want to feel like I’ve grown and I want people to come along for the ride if they’d like to. So yeah, new songs and shows. Anything else would be such a bonus.

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