Premiere: Saint Barae Unveils His Debut EP, ‘Angel Armour’

by the partae

Last week Gold Coast indie-pop artist, Saint Barae unveiled his stunning debut EP, Angel Armour. It features three previously released singles, BoysHollow and Edge Of Nowhere. The lead single from the EP is, Angel an energetic number that sees, Saint Barae take his unique alt pop delivery to the next level. Today we’re over the moon to be the very first to share with you the very first viewing of the accompanying video for Angel.

Filled with neon lights and late nights, it’s an ideal way to visualize the new track.

“The idea of the video for Angels was always for it to be a continuation of my previous video Boys! Shot Live at Vinnie’s Dive Bar earlier this year. I love the concept of creating fleshed out worlds with my music and videos so the approach here was to peel back the curtain and show more of the “Josh” side of Saint Barae. It’s me leaving the gig and being caught in my feelings once I’m alone and the adrenaline of performing has faded away, the loneliness after the high.

I worked closely with my good friend and regular collaborator Bianca Hinton on this video who shot and directed everything you see. We had such a wild time filming this one in a really guerilla style of creating on the fly – I had a rough idea of specific visual elements I wanted like my boyfriends’ car on the rooftop and the divebar, but most of what you see is pretty much improvised as it unfolded. My favorite shot of all however would be the final takes we did in the ocean at midnight – this video was shot back in August and it was absolutely freezing in that water and I knew we only really had one take to get it right so I’m absolutely stoked whats there captured what we we’re going for so perfectly.” – Saint Barae

The video for Angel is will be available for viewing to the general public on 3rd of December but you can view it exclusively right here at The Partae, today!

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