PREMIERE – Marissa Burwell ‘Take A Load Off’

by the partae
PREMIERE - Marissa Burwell 'Take A Load Off'

An indie act from the heart of Regina, Marissa is best known for her captivating yet endearing performances in basements and coffee shops. On her self-titled EP (which she released in 2019) we see an artist starting to find her sound and it is clear that she is on the verge of something special. And that’s exactly what you find on “Bittersweet” – they are the consummate songs for a late drive home, or the score to a deep conversation with your closest friend.

She has been writing songs for her own ears since 2010, however it was not until 2017 that she started to cut her teeth in the local scene. Attending local shows for years, this is where she met her now backing band, which is composed of Nolan Grad, Madison Nicol, and Chris Dimas. With big plans for upcoming tours and festivals, it is apparent that we will be hearing more of Marissa Burwell.

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