Polish Club

by the partae
Who are we talking to and what is your role within Polish Club?

Novak. I mainly come up with shit GIF replies on our Facebook posts and spend most of the day arguing with our manager and John via text message. Sometimes we play music, and I sing and play guitar.

Where are you currently based?


Triple j featured your album ‘ Alright Already’ how did things change much for you after this huge exposure?

Our fanbase pretty much doubled after that and the Like A Version. Though now we have to play that damn Flume song all the time. He still won’t return my calls.

Image credit :   Kane Hibberd 

How did the band form?

Just a couple of dudes, too annoying to be in a four piece, too useless to go solo and too desperate to not do it at all.

What influences your sound?  

Your ‘Christmas in December’ national tour is around the corner, how do you prepare for each show and what can we expect form these upcoming gigs?

We usually don’t prepare the performance too much because we like it spontaneous and exciting. Though we have a bunch of new songs from our new EP Okie Dokie, and perhaps even some more random stuff that we haven’t announced yet. So it’s going to be a pretty new and fun set. Also there’ll be heaps of Christmas shit going round, you’ll see.

What equipment do you use?

A strong internet connection, a laptop, some Blunnies, and shitloads of hair gel.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’m currently in the Philippines for my grandma’s birthday, so it’s mostly horrible muzak from the late 90s/early 2000s. 


Where did you record your latest EP ‘Okie Dokie’?

Golden Retriever in Marrickville. It’s a massive room next to The Red Rattler. It was so big and boomy for drums that we didn’t need to record bass at all.

Favourite track from ‘Okie Dokie’ and why?

The one slow jam that was about 1 minute long and didn’t make the EP. It’s my favourite because we decided to hard pan the drums and guitar (so one was completely on one side of the speakers) and it totally freaked out our manager. We argued and argued and it was a huge waste of time. Classic PC.

What do you enjoy most and dislike the least about touring?

Playing live in front of actual fans and future fans is literally the point of making music, or at least for me. People who complain about touring should shut up or not do it.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

Maccas and Maccas.








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