POLIÇA + s t a r g a z e reveal new single ‘Agree’

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POLIÇA + s t a r g a z e

Music For The Long Emergency out February 16, 2018on Transgressive via [PIAS]

Following the heart-stopping “How Is This Happening?”, a personal reaction to the Trump administration released on the anniversary of his inauguration and the first track to be taken from their forthcoming album Music For The Long EmergencyPOLIÇA and s t a r g a z e reveal the second single from the long player.

“Agree” is, by contrast, a concise and more direct song, melodic and considered, with an atypically unfiltered vocal performance by Channy Leaneagh of POLIÇA melding with s t a r g a z e’s chamber arrangements. The single premiered on Billboard overnight.


“I suppose it’s similar to when I listen to techno or instrumental music,” explains Channy. “It’s just the quieting of not having the lyrics to tell you a feeling, it’s just the notes and the rhythm, and they leave room for your mind to sit. My philosophy with POLIÇA and with this project was to try to be another instrument, to meld in and not always steal the show or overwhelm the sound.”

s t a r g a z e’s approach reflects the true collaborative nature of the project and album.

“Because theirs is basically electronic music, what would acoustic instruments do?” asks composer André de Ridder of s t a r g a z e. “I think it’s not a good idea to try and mimic the electronic sounds because they’re done so well and they’re so pristine. But what kind of organic elements can we add? And this is true in terms of sound, but also in terms of melodic and harmonic elements. And that opened up all these questions about what songs consist off, what sounds consist of, even what form songs can take.”

He listened closely to POLIÇA’s music, admiring what he describes as the band’s “extreme sense of harmony” and began to see how their two worlds might entwine.

“There was a lot of space in their music, in those electronic soundscapes,” he says. “I thought maybe we could fit in with that. Because I also saw really interesting compositional skills in terms of the sequencing and how they edited songs — that kind of work is quite close to what a classical composer would do: the editing of textures.”

This stunning single, showing a very different access point to the album, demonstrates further the powerful production skills of POLIÇA’s Ryan Olson who documented and augmented these sounds at Justin Vernon’s studio in Wisconsin.

POLIÇA + s t a r g a z e
Music For The Long Emergency

1. Fake Like
2. Marrow
3. Speaking Of Ghost
4. Agree
5. Cursed
6. How Is This Happening
7. Music For The Long Emergency

Music For The Long Emergency by POLIÇA + s t a r g a z e
is out February 16, 2018 on Transgressive via [PIAS] Pre-order now:



Featured Photo Credit : Graham Tolbert

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