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How did you guys come up with the name :PM?

It came about firstly through the logo and how :PM looked as a design,  which we really loved. There is a connection to why we chose those letters but we have decided to keep that a bit of a secret!

How did the band form?

Josh and Harry started guitar lessons together in school and decided to form a band, they saw Dan sing in a school assembly, Alex is Josh’s next door neighbour and Joe was a close friend of ours anyway. We were just jamming through school and writing here and there, but when it came to deciding between the band and University, we decided to give this our best shot.

Where are you currently based?

We all live within 20 minutes of each other in North Yorkshire so we can constantly annoy each other pretty easily.

You released your new track ‘Goodbye’ as a thank you to fans for all of their incredible support this year, how has the reaction from the fans been since the release of your debut single?

The reaction has been amazing! As it was our first single we didn’t expect to chart in the Spotify Viral Chart and have such a positive reaction from fans, as well as friends and family.

Where did you record / produce the track?

We recorded it in a small studio in Crouch End, North London, which is where we do a lot of our writing/recording.

What equipment do you use to create the music you release?

Harry has an old Les Paul that his Godfather gave him from the 70’s, which sounds great through his Vox AC30, and Josh has always been a Telecaster guy. We write/record on Logic Pro usually but it can always change depending on the studio you’re in!

What inspired the track? And what influences the band as a whole?

A girl inspired the track of course, what else? As a band we get inspired by so many different things, life, love, the weather, sandwiches…

You toured with X Factor alumni Emily Middlemass over the Summer as well as playing various UK Festivals, how did the tour with Emily come about?

Emily’s team got in touch with us, they seemed to really love our single and asked if we wanted to come along and play a stripped back acoustic set with Emily on her tour and we jumped at the opportunity. It’s been great to play cities we’ve never been to before!

How do you prepare for each show?

Usually just loads of messing about, we probably should be practising our scales and rudiments but you’ll probably find us breaking something or annoying someone.

What can we expect from you guys in 2018?

More music and more live shows!

When and where is the next show?

We are playing 2 sold out shows in Ayton, Scotland this weekend, which should be great. We’ve never been before and we are looking forward to meeting everyone who comes to watch us!

Twitter – https://twitter.com/TheBandPM

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pmtheband1/


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