Planet Paradigm Festival Announce 2019 Lineup With Zip, Z@p, Rhadoo, Ion Ludwig, LEO POL (Live), Pangaea, Ferro, Reiss & more

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Planet Paradigm
Planet Paradigm is a collaboration between VBX and Paradigm that takes place in an impossibly natural location in Groningen on May 25th. Now the full line-up can be revealed and includes Zip, Z@p, Sandrien, Pangaea, Neel, Reiss, Rhadoo, Shltr, Lucy, Ferro, Ion Ludwig, Enrico Mantini, Carlos Valdes, Mino Abadier, Mirella Kroes and Leo Pol live.
After selling out last year just off the back of their residents, Planet Paradigm now welcomes these bigs names to their beautiful location to play across three stages and an afterparty in a warehouse.  The festival boasts a stunning stage in the woods where Zip, Rhadoo, Ion Ludwig and Ferro will play, all surrounded by tall, ivy covered green trees and organic wood huts, killer sound systems and many more surprises. The whole festival is under a sustainable initiative and you can be sure that quality and unconventionalism are celebrated at the one day event.
Say the team behind the magical event: “expect a one-day micro-cosmos filled with high-quality yet unconventional musical programming”
The line-up is pure quality for lovers of underground techno, house and minimal with key players like Perlon boss and cult DJ Zip, the legendary Sandrien, Uruguay’s Z@P, Hessel Audio co-founder Pangaea, Italian ambient techno craftsman Neel, Romanian master Rhadoo, Stroboscopic Artefacts boss and industrial innovator Lucy, VBX residents Ferro and Reiss, plus Ion LudwigEnrico Mantini, Carlos Valdes, Mino Abadier, Mirella Kroes and Leo Pol playing live.
This is a compact and cultured gathering for those who like to be close to nature and prefer thoughtful, atmospheric crowds and sounds.
Ion Ludwig
LEO POL (Live)
Enrico Mantini
Mirella Kroes
Mino Abadier
Carlox Valdes
Planet Paradigm

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