Pieces Of Juno ‘Tacenda’ LP combines cinematic, electronic and acoustic sounds in her own genre bending style; Northern Noir

by the partae

Pieces of Juno – Tacenda


  1. Wild Flower
  2. Everything Disappears
  3. Tuck Me In
  4. Wallflower Intermezzo
  5. Jump
  6. Look To You For Love
  7. Wash It Away

KOSO are proud to announce the release of Pieces of Juno’s “Tacenda”, out on KOSO Records September the 29th. Tacenda is part two in a larger, conceptual piece written, produced and mixed by Pieces of Juno. This album was recorded in a studio garage in Oslo, in a marble house on the White Coast in Spain, in a former church-turned studio in a small village in Sweden and a glass castle in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles.

Pieces of Juno is known for her distinct dark and cinematic combination of electronic and acoustic sounds. Curious about electronic music production, she merged her roots as a singer-songwriter with a strong fascination for film, creating her own genre-bending sound; Northern Noir.

After self-releasing the debut EP “Ghostwriting” in 2013, an experimental and instrumental take on club music, people quickly picked up on the audio-visual track “Saffron”, proclaiming “as a debut calling card, it’s frighteningly brilliant” (A. Hannah, Jajaja). Since then she has completed an instrumental EP trilogy with EP Frisson (2016) as the final piece. In 2015 she released the single “Silver & Gold / Want It All”, combining her production skills with her singer/songwriter abilities, and this was the first glimpse of what was to come on the awaited debut album titled “Kalopsia” and now “Tacenda”.

You can listen to “Kalopsia” privately on Soundcloud.

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