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Outlaw Hard N Fast

Outlaw HARDʽnʼFAST was one of the most iconic Melbourne club nights which gathered rockers, punks, goths, mods, headbangers, hippies, groovers, drag queens and musicians under one roof. The weekly hard rock night Outlaw HARDʽnʼFAST was a Wednesday night ritual for many from 1988 through to 1998, often attracting more than 1500 to 2000 people through the doors over the course of one night. On Friday 5th October Outlaw HARDʽnʼFAST will return for one night and one helluva party to commemorate its 30th anniversary at its one and only original home, Chasers nightclub at 386 Chapel St, South Yarra.

After a twenty year hiatus, the cult club night remains well loved and will be resurrected to all its original hard rock glory down to the details such as music selections courtesy of Julie Marrington who ran the night. The early days were typical of the late 80s snakeskin metal scene with big hair, cowboy boots, cod pieces, skull and crossbones but when the grunge scene came along, the night embraced the contemporary sounds and hosted live music as well as album launches and record previews. Management rolled out the red carpet for touring acts which included Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Faith No More, Primal Scream, Ice T, Trent Reznor, the Divinyls, Def LeppardFishbone, Tommy Lee, Danzig, Underworld and Alice In Chains to name just a few.

On October 5th HARDʽnʼFAST founder Eric Pipersberg, Diamond Deb, Madball and Beatnik will DJ and spin dance floor bangers from Nirvana, Kiss, the Ramones, Metallica, Ministry, the Cult, Led Zeppelin, Screaming Tribesmen, Iggy Pop, L7, Dead Kennedys, Buzzcocks, Kyuss, Soundgarden, AC/DC, Motely Crue, Mudhoney, Butthole Surfers, Smashing Pumpkins, Motorhead and much more.

The night will also feature live music with the GODSʽnʼGODDESSES supergroup compilation band featuring over 20 members from groups such as X, Bigger than Jesus, Girl Monstar, Defryme, Doll Squad, Moler, AC/DSHE, Mercy Kills, Nick Barker & the Reptiles and legendary axeman Jimi ‘the Human’ Hocking. The main room stage will also feature a set by the infamous St Kilda legends the Fuck Fucks led by Fred Negro, and David Dixon (Nursery Crimes) will be joined by an array of special guests in the Moser Room in acoustic mode.
Doors open from 7.30pm, complimentary snacks, basic beers, wine and champagne are on offer until 8.30pm and entry is free up until 9.30pm. Drinks will be cheap at pub prices all night and the Outlaw HARDʽnʼFAST signature drink, the “Illusion Shaker” will make a return. Memorabilia such as T-shirts, fridge magnets of old pass with REUNION written on it will be on sale on the night.

Chasers has been operating as a night club for almost 40 years (and there will be a huge birthday celebration in November) and is one of Melbourne’s most loved venues with a 24 hour licence. In the late 1980s through to the late 1990s the iconic venue and night spot hosted many live music concerts including Sonic Youth, The Church, Hunters & Collectors, You Am I and Regurgitator, as well as some of Melbourne’s most popular and enduring club nights. Chasers recently announced that it will be hosting more live music under the brand Chasers 3hree 8ight 6ix.

Tickets to HardʽnʼFast are on sale now from Oztix 

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