outfit dish up enticing pop gem ‘sunny’

by the partae

Photo Credit: Ciara Isabel Muscat

Soul-driven pop trio outfit unveil their grippingly honest debut, ‘sunny’. The single wraps Tim Tan’s infectious pop melodies around warm grooves and lush chords while narrating battles of internal headspace so vividly you’d mistake them for your own.

For fans of RuelHONNE and Budjerah, ‘sunny’ was entirely written & produced by outfit. The single gives an exciting taste of what’s still to come from this breath-of-fresh air group, landing with an evocative punch.

The song itself stems from an original idea Tim had, after struggling to fall asleep. Perfectly capturing the unpredictable nature of the recent times, ‘sunny’ exists for those in-between moments: trying to fall asleep but at the same time, trying to find that glimmering thing to wake for.

“The concept surrounded the sentiment of “I woke up, but in a way I guess I could have kept sleeping” describing the cyclical nature of day to day life at the time. We were in between houses, work in the music industry took a dive due to the pandemic and really we just needed a light at the end of the tunnel to move closer to. From there the song grew into a full concept dealing with issues around mental health and finding comfort in what and who you have around you to collectively move towards the sunnier, sunnier, sunnier place.”

That a song like ‘sunny’ is this catchy is unsurprising when considering the songwriting talent within outfit. Originally meeting in Perth, the group have been working together and across different projects for some time now. Tim himself already has songwriting credits with Australian artists such as Jaguar Jonze & Enschway. On the other side of the world he has credits in the ever-evolving world of Kpop with records for aespa & ENHYPEN. His catalogue alone has accumulated a staggering 200,000,000 plus streams, over 3 Million physical unit sales and 4 Japanese #1 albums – and with outfit, he’s exploring even more influences and inspired ideas..

For the ‘sunny’ music video, outfit brought the fun to band members’ houses and home studios with direction from Aydin Bozkurt. 

“We really wanted to paint a picture about what the song represents to us and what it could represent to others so we were focused on filming the video at home and depicting a time of unrest between close friends.. We really felt like it was important during this time to speak about how deeper conversation can really be the missing element in the lives of people close to you and most issues are positively affected by conversation and not silence, especially with the world dealing with new kinds of connections & disconnections.” 


“Some endearing pop which keeps it low key but still hooks you in.”
Declan Byrne, Triple j

“Warm pop sound but it’s got that authentic soul to really win you over. The vocals bring a seductive edge too.”
Dave Ruby Howe, Triple j Unearthed

“Rex OC meets K Pop meets emotive 90s R&B. outfit are positively gliding here, not an ounce of friction to be found.”
Tommy Faith Triple j Unearthed

“Melbourne indie trio outfit have unveiled one of the most infectiously-upbeat songs of the year”
Rolling Stone Australia
Praise for sunny video: “It’s cinematic style is right up there with a classic VMA winning video.”
AAA Backstage

‘sunny’ is out now.
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