OUT NOW : Cristian Merino Out of my Atmosphere EP

by the partae

First supports come from : Joseph Capriati, Hot Since 82, Paco Osuna, Igor Marijuan Ibiza Sonica, Wade, Mat.Joe, Paolo Martini, Ross Evans, Luis Bonias, Hollen, …

It is quite often that we receive many demos at the same time from a producer and we have to choose 2 or 3 of them to make an EP But this time, we were really unable to exclude some of them because they are all amazing. That’s why we decided to release this EP with the 6 tracks we received and I made a continuous mix with them as a preview.

As a wise man once alluded to, a party is nothing without an atmosphere, which is handy as Cristian Merino comes to Clarisse with half a dozen deep house bubblers. Defined by percussion on a pogo stick and a stash of offbeat vocal samples thrown into the mix, as well as driving bass from below, the king of León’s introduction to the fold, after busily introducing ELRow Music, Witty Tunes, La Pera, Basswalk, Mushroom Smile and Datagroove to his chunks of funk, is something of a unique outing for Clarisse.

As he makes you bounce and your flip-flops catch fire with a smoothness of touch, scuttling and teetering but never losing their balance, Merino provides both clubbing backdrop and front row ticket. ‘Masters Back’ begins with a bassline simmering under the sun, ‘Just Dance, No Video’ plays dancefloor ping pong, stunning clubbers with post-breakdown lasers, and ‘Wake Up’ mixes up chat about serial killers and spaghetti with a soaring build. ‘Out of My Atmosphere’ adds Reel 2 Real-style stabs, the funkiness of ‘All Clubbers’ reminds you that to be in love is everything while bedlam takes shape all around, and ‘Bastard & Elf’ rounds things off with another bassline-driven ruffle of feathers.

Merino’s six of the best has really made an impression with Clarisse. As usual being inundated with demos and hopefuls looking to follow the recent success of Vidaloca, Luis Martinez and Vangelis Kostoxenakis, they’ve decided to package all of these tracks into one EP as they felt duty bound to keep all of their quality together. Label head Mendo confirms the impact of ‘Out of My Atmosphere’ fitting the bill with a mini mix preview, truly making Merino the man of the moment.

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