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Hamburg, 4th December 2017

What are you supposed to do if your loved one is struggling in life and driving you away? Vittoria Fleet create an EP that rubs salt into the wound, and it’s a beautiful pain.

Especially when living in a metropolis like Berlin or London you will know this type of person: someone with a talent, but standing in their own way. Maybe they party too much, continuously mess up in relationships or they just don’t get their shit together. It’s kinda tolerable if this is just an acquaintance, but what if this is actually your loved one?

Singer Giada Zerbo captures the essence of these emotions with her ethereal and sultry voice while producer Allan Shotter creates an organic electronica soundscape to it: title track “Entangled” hits you with its raw energy of slow violence. “Return” is the wish to bring your loved one back onto the right path. “Headradio” is the battle between closeness and dislodgement, between hope and constant longing. “Anxiety Vorbei” the slow fade out.

The Berlin-based duo asks you all the questions: how much responsibility do we carry for the other one? Is it ok to parent our struggling lover? Is it egoistic not to? What if you see no sign of upturn? When is it ok to give up? When is it ok to think about yourself?

The four tracks of Vittoria Fleet’s “Entangled EP” don’t have an answer to all this. But they feel your pain.

1. / A1     Vittoria Fleet – Entangled (04:23 min)
2. / A2     Vittoria Fleet – Return (04:05 min)
3. / B1     Vittoria Fleet – Headradio (04:23 min)
4. / B2     Vittoria Fleet – Anxiety Vorbei (02:40 min)

Video for “Entangled” by Vittoria Fleet:

Stream/download the digital release here:

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