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Novelle a producer/DJ based in South Africa, is one of the more promising South African talents to emerge from the electronic music scene and with his debut single ‘DNY’ gaining over eighty-six thousand combined plays, he has come with a brand new track titled ‘Half Alive’ which features Alex Marie Brinkley who does an amazing job of conveying the emotions through elegance.

The song is about being with someone who you know deep inside isn’t right for you and yet at the same time you simply can’t get enough of them. No matter how much of an amazing time or no matter how special/magic that person makes you feel, you know at the end of the day, you’ll be left feeling half alive as they take so much from you at the same time.

I think that it’s a unique experience listening to the song as you would experience an array of emotion while listening to it. Alex and I really wanted the song to do something along the lines of it and I think we achieved that quite well.

This is especially exciting as it’s my first solo project since ‘DNY’. Experimenting with elements such as the pads and guitars was a new challenge for me as it really brought me out of my comfort zone, which has ultimately made me a better producer as I’ve learned new skills and new ways of produce something special such as this very track.

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