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“The watchword for The Stories We Tell Ourselves is ‘more’: more hooks, more layers, more feeling – more everything.” ★★★★ Alternative Press

This is among the best rock albums of the year, no question.​”  4/5,

“‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves’ is some of Nothing More’s best music to date. It is in your face and subdued simultaneously, keeping the listener on the edge of their seat waiting to see what is coming next. Highly recommended!” – 9.5/10, Metal Wani

“…Nothing More have delivered nothing short of excellence.” – 9.6/10, Sound Fiction

“…this album is brilliant.” – Mayhem Music Magazine

Today, Nothing More have released their eagerly awaited album The Stories We Tell Ourselves via Better Noise Records/Sony Music Australia. This is the band’s first release since their 2014 self-titled album.


Fans demand nothing less than Nothing More and The Stories We Tell Ourselves sets the bar even higher for cutting-edge rock music. The album’s lead single Go To War showcases Hawkins’ dynamic vocal range over a mix of electronic and organic instrumentation.

Watch the video new single Go To War below:

The songs on The Stories We Tell Ourselves were written early last year and recorded primarily on the road and in personal studios as production duties were often handled by Hawkins and the band themselves. “We are all very hands-on with the recording, so we decided that making this record on the road, when we were creatively thriving, would be ideal” Vollelunga says. While Hawkins previously wrote and performed most of the band’s drum parts, this is the first album to feature Anderson who joined the band in 2015.  “Ben is an incredible drummer and gelled with our musical vision immediately,” Oliver explains. “His talents also freed Jonny up to focus more on the production and melodies and I think that made this album come together in a really fluid way.”

The Stories We Tell Ourselveproves to all of us that even if our stories don’t always have a happy ending there’s a beauty in their very existence. Even during the album’s darkest moments — Hawkins literally sings about being stuck in a hole on “Still In Love” — there’s a hopefulness that permeates each of these songs that will inevitably resonate with new listeners while making the deep bond that Nothing More has with their fans even deeper.

Listen to Don’t Stop taken from the album below:


1. (Ambition; Destruction)
2. Do You Really Want It
3. (Convict; Divide)
4. Let ’em Burn
5. Ripping Me Apart
6. Don’t Stop
7. Funny Little Creatures
8. (React; Respond)
9. The Great Divorce
10. Still In Love
11. (Alone; Together)
12. Go To War
13. Just Say When
14. (Accept; Disconnect)
15. Who We Are
16. Tunnels
17. (End; Begin)
18. FadeInFadeOut



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