THE NIGHT NOODLE MARKETS AT HOME COME TO MELBOURNE THIS JUNE Melburnians can order an array of banquets from eight delicious eateries, delivered straight to their front door in one flavour-packed order

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THE NIGHT NOODLE MARKETS AT HOME COME TO MELBOURNE THIS JUNE Melburnians can order an array of banquets from eight delicious eateries, delivered straight to their front door in one flavour-packed order

The Night Noodle Markets at Home, Co-Presented by Citi and DoorDash, is coming to Melbourne this June. Bringing together the signature dishes and innovative tastes of eight sizzling vendors, Night Noodle Markets at Home offers a vibrant journey through Asia – now in the comfort of home. The at-home experience is an evolution of the traditional hawker-style market that has taken place in Melbourne’s Birrarung Marr since 2014.

Night Noodle Markets at Home runs every night from 1 – 30 June, and is available for home delivery exclusively through the DoorDash delivery app.

Food-lovers craving aromatic smoke and exotic spices of the bustling Asian festival can order an array of banquets from new and crowd-favourite eateries Hoy Pinoy, Wonderbao, Flying Noodles/ Twistto, Puffle, Indomie Mi-Goreng, Thai Tide, Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart and Kariton Sorbetes, and have them delivered straight to their front door in one flavour-packed order.

Venessa Cowell, Head of Nine Food Events said:

“As Melbourne missed out on the real life Night Noodle Markets last year, we wanted to bring the feast to Melburnians at home this winter. The events loyal food vendors have been itching to get back to doing what they love, creating delicious cult dishes that conjure memories of exploration, travel and connecting with loved ones over moreish food.”

Presenting partner Citi is delighted to offer Citi cardholders $20 off their Night Noodle Markets at Home order* to encourage them to join in on the festivities.

“We’ve partnered with the Night Noodle Markets for twelve years now, and we’re excited to try something new, with the at-home markets which are perfectly suited for a cold June evening. Consumers can feel good about indulging in comfort food from their couch, while also supporting Melbourne’s dining scene which continues its path to recovery post-COVID,” said Samantha Elliott, Head of Digital Sales and Marketing for Citi Australia.” *Terms and conditions apply.

Delivery Partner DoorDash is offering 25% off and free delivery for first time users of DoorDash, when purchasing from the Night Noodle Markets at Home. New users will also get $1 delivery for every other order placed on DoorDash from the Night Noodle Markets at Home, for a further 30 days.

Rebecca Burrows, General Manager, DoorDash Australia, said: “DoorDash is proud to be partnering with Night Noodle Markets at home this year, to deliver the reimagined festival experience to the doorsteps of Melburnians. It’s great to be able to continue connecting locals with their favourite eateries on-demand, and to showcase the delicious array of Asian cuisines our Melbourne restaurant partners have to offer.”

The Night Noodle Markets at Home kitchen will be one central CBD location, delivering to the following suburbs- Melbourne, West Melbourne, East Melbourne, South Melbourne, North Melbourne, South Bank, Parkville, Fitzroy, Collingwood, Carlton, Cremorne, Docklands, South Wharf with partial coverage to Abbotsford, Richmond, South Yarra, Albert Park & Port Melbourne, with more suburbs to be announced soon. To find out if the Night Noodle Markets at Home is available for delivery to your address, open the DoorDash app in June, and search for the ‘Night Noodle Markets at Home’.

Melbourne Good Food Month presented by Citi will safely return to Melbourne this March, with the full programme announced 3 May, with tickets on sale 9am Thursday, 6 May. Food lovers can subscribe to the Good Food Month mailing list to be sent a reminder when tickets go on sale.

Night Noodle Markets at Home Menus

Tuesday 1 June –  Wednesday 30 June (inclusive)

Trading Hours: Sunday – Thursday 5pm – 9pm;  Friday & Saturday 4pm – 10pm

Some menu items will be available on rotation as specials throughout the month, so check in on the DoorDash app to view each week’s menus and prices.

Flying Noodles / Twistto

Flying Noodles | Noodles with your choice of chicken, pork or seafood in Tom Yum soup

Twist Potato | The original or sweet potato

Korean style salt and pepper calamari

Famous Korean spicy rice cake

Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart

Original Cheese Tart

Strawberry Cheese Tart

Blueberry Cheese Tart

Yuzu Cheese Tart

Salted Caramel Cheese Tart

Chocolate Cheese Tart

Popcorn Butterscotch Cheese Tart

Hoy Pinoy

Pak Pak inasal | Slow smoked chicken wingettes in garlic, lemongrass, ginger & annatto

Lumpia shanghai | Chicken spring rolls with Hoy pinoy Banana ketchup & coconut mayo

Inihaw na Baboy | Pork belly skewers in banana ketchup glaze

Inihaw na Manok | Chicken skewers in traditional soy glaze

Liempo rice bowls with fried egg | Slow smoked free range pork belly, adobo glaze on garlic rice, ensaladang pipino, atchara w fried egg

Battered Adobo Chips | Battered chips with adobo seasoning

Lechon Kawali rice bowls with fried egg | Braised & crispy fried free range pork belly, caramel & coconut glaze, garlic rice, ensaladang pipino, atchara w fried egg

Sisig rice bowl with fried egg | Roasted & smoked free range pork, chopped w onion, garlic, chili, vinegar on garlic rice, ensaladang pipino, fried egg

Indomie (Mi-Goreng)

The OG | Mi Goreng with Fried Chicken ribs (coated with Mi Goreng crumb), fried egg and stir fried vegetables

Burritos Chicken Satay | Mi Goreng Burritos with chicken satay and peanut sauce

Chicken Satay | Chicken skewers (5) served with peanut sauce and Mi Goreng crumb

Mie-Burg | Mi Goreng Burger with beef patties, special cream cheese, tomato sauce and Mi Goreng Chips

Currymi-away | Indomie noodles served with fried chicken, soft boiled eggs and vegetables with a special Indonesian curry sauce

Mie Roll- Mi Goreng spring rolls with prawn

Kariton Sorbetes

Ube Halaya “gaytime” | Their signature purple yam gelato swirled with purple yam fudge and blackberry jam coated with purple yam cake crumbs, toasted coconut curds and freeze dried blackberry

Champorado “choctop” | Toasted rice and Filipino chocolate gelato with a fish sauce caramel swirl piped into a chocolate waffle cone and the top coated with crispy black rice and candied cacao nibs

Yema “maxibon” | Malted milk gelato rippled with miso egg yolk fudge sandwiched in a salted egg yolk biscuit and dipped in white chocolate Desserts

Taho ‘tapioca pudding’ | Their silken tofu and soy milk gelato with soy tapioca pudding and oolong tea syrup soaked boba pearls

Turon ‘trifle’ | Bananas cooked down with rum, jackfruit, sponge cake, muscovado butterscotch, banana cream, candied sesame seeds and caramelised spring roll wrapper with a side of banana leaf gelato


Cheeseburger Puffle | Chopped bulgogi beef patty mixed with melted cheese, drizzled with kewpie mayo, mustard, spicy ketchup in a HK cheese waffle

Korean Fried Chicken Puffle | Korean fried chicken topped with sweet n’ spicy sauce, kewpie mayo in a HK cheese waffle

Plain Cheese Puffle | Their signature cheese waffle with kewpie mayo and sweet Korean chilli sauce

Boneless Korean Fried Chicken | ZOMG seasoning, drizzled with kewpie mayo and spring onion

Thai Tide

Roti with peanut sauce | Flaky roti bread served with creamy Thai peanut sauce

Tom Kha Mussels | Fragrant Thai coconut soup of lemongrass, galangal, mix of Thai herbs and mussels

Pad Thai Gai Yang | Classic Pad Thai with your choice of grilled marinated chicken or vegetables & tofu

Pad See Ew Moo Krob | Stir-fried rice noodle, chinese broccoli, egg and sweet soy sauce with your choice of twice cooked pork belly or vegetables and tofu

Khao Pad Pou | Thai style crab meat egg fried rice

Classic Thai Red Curry | with your choice of grilled marinated chicken or mixed vegetables and tofu


Gua Bao | your choice of Fried chicken with spiced mayo, bbq pork belly with hoisin or panko eggplant with kimchi (vegan)

Traditional Bao |  BBQ pork or Veggie

Custard Bao | Sweet fried custard bao

Can’t decide what to order? Look out for the specially curated Night Noodle Markets at Home banquets, which rotate every week with new delicious goodies:

Broc ‘n’ Roll – Vegetarian dinner for two

I Love You Soy Much – The ultimate Date Night

To make the dining experience even more fun, some lucky eaters will be gifted with delicious bonus goodies in their order. Each night, Night Noodle Markets at Home will be giving away hundreds of surprises packed into orders – including AYAM™ Hawker Market Sauces, Redbull, and Night Noodle Markets at Home fortune cookies!

AYAM™ Hawker Market Sauces

From Malaysian Char Kway Teow to Indonesian Mee Goreng, AYAM™ ‘s Hawker Market stir fry sauces capture the essence of Asia’s iconic street foods in 10 minutes! Simply stir fry your favourite proteins, veggies, noodles, add the stir fry sauce and top off with the included garnish.

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