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Suburban Haze are proud to announce the release of their new single “Overhang“, the first taste of their forthcoming album Wilt which is set for release in August 2017.

On “Overhang” Suburban Haze have created something truly unique by combining early 90s era grunge with 50s style beat music, effortlessly moving between the two to create an earworm of a track that is as dynamic as it is interesting.

Like most great songs from the era in which it was inspired “Overhang” was written about drugs as Paul Graham from the band explains – “The song is mostly focused on the effects of MDMA with the first verse representing the high and the second the come down. Meanwhile, the choruses focus on the idea that you are essentially taking a loan of happiness when you take the drug that has to be paid back with interest.”

To add to its diversity “Overhang” also features a guest verse from Ben Louttit front-man for the Newcastle post-hardcore legends Safe Hands. “Ben’s feature helps ground the track in the present day despite the homages it pays to older genres.” Says Paul Graham of the collaboration.

At various points “Overhang” draws to mind indie rock pioneers The Pixies through its kooky guitar work, The Smiths through the baritone main vocals, Thursday for its emotional intensity and even Alt-J for its unusual pop catchiness. This is Australian alternative music at its most unique and captivating.

2016 was an action packed year for Suburban Haze. To start off the year the band released a 6-track EP I Will Never Happen which Rolling Stone Australia described as “suitably immersive, flirtatiously rising towards stadium-ready Arcade Fire levels of grandeur” and Pilerats said it sat “somewhere between the likes of The Pixies and Fugazi, with some Buckley and Nick Cave thrown in for good measure”. They then dropped a mind bending 2-track EP Silent, Go Home in November to critical acclaim and rounded out the year with a national tour.

Suburban Haze have continued to mature both their sound and production bringing in further influences from overseas while creating their own sound and defying genres. Diverse as their influences are, everything is measured and balanced. Nothing is forced or contrived. The bands latest release “Overhang” sets the scene for what’s to come – an album full of surprises.

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