On December 13, Howlin’ Circus will be coming home to Toronto to play The Monarch Tavern

by the partae
Howlin‘ Circus brings a heady mix of raucous celebration and moody introspection; combining the heartfelt traditions of blues and gospel music with a modern garage rock sound. The project took root in London, England, when founding member Jafar Sandouk wrote “When the Summer Comes” – a foot stomping psychobilly anthem. Soon establishing themselves as regulars on the London club circuit, Howlin’ Circus enjoyed success touring the UK and playing several festivals, including Strawberry Fields, Newt Beer & Music Festival, and Off The Tracks. In 2017 Jafar moved to Canada and brought Howlin’ Circus along for the adventure. Now based in Toronto, they are once again bursting onto the scene with a successful string of shows, and are looking forward to releasing their debut full-length album later 2019.

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