MYRKUR’s ‘Mareridt’ Out Today on Relapse

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MYRKUR Graces The Cover of Decibel’s October Issue

“It’s this laser-like focus and conucopia of Scandinavian influences – Norwegian folk music, Swedish cow calls, second-wave black metal, her hown Danish upbringing – that defines Myrkur’s musical approach”  DECIBEL

“Bruun’s singing voice is beautiful… her delivery, full of sustaining notes that subtly decay, is reminiscent of choral music – with all the ritualism, religiosity and awe it entails”  NPR

” Myrkur shifts from dreamy to nightmarish with a whip-cracking intensity”  FACT

“Your Gothic Folk Black Metal Fix”  NOISEY

“It’s this triumphant, uplifting sound that truly finds a meeting ground between black metal, dream pop, and folk”  BROOKLYN VEGAN

“a musically eclectic, haunting journey that combines elements of black metal, Scandinavian folk, doom, goth and soundtrack music in a way that’s skewed, scary and seductive”  REVOLVER

“Bruun’s elegant voice offers a reprieve from the darkness” LOUDWIRE

“It’s not specifically black metal and it’s not specifically choral music; it’s just Myrkur”  METAL INJECTION 

“an album that demands your attention. Not since The Satanist has extreme metal presented a vision so ready to stride into metal’s wider consciousness. Amalie has created a portal into a world torn apart by light and darkness, and what is left might just be the finest metal album of 2017, and one of the greatest albums of recent times.”


“the voice of a fallen angel, soundscapes as if made to make a full moon disappear…To whom did Myrkur sell her soul for this impressive album?”  ROLLING STONE (DE)

Image credit :  Daria Endresen 

Renowned Danish composer and classically trained multi-instrumentalist, MYRKUR, finally releases her stunning and highly awaited sophomore album ,’Mareridt’, today via Relapse Records.

On ‘Mareridt’ (translation: Nightmare), MYRKUR explores deeper into the mysterious and the feminine with 11 songs that further progress her visionary blend of metal with gorgeous, stirring melodies, dark folk passages, choral arrangements and superb, horrific beauty. The conceptual masterpiece includes lyrics in multiple languages, an unforgettable collaboration with Chelsea Wolfe and an array of special instrumentation including violin, mandola, folk drums, Shaman drums, nyckelharpa (an ancient Swedish key harp), and Kulning (an ancient Scandinavian herding call).

Like a marriage of King Diamond’s ‘Them’ with Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’, ‘Mareridt’ is a carefully composed concept freed from genre – a profound manifestation of nightmares that demonstrates MYRKUR as one of the truly exceptional artists of our time. The compositions sweep into one another like a soundtrack designed to guide the listener through emotional turmoil.

Timeless, triumphant, powerful and hypnotic, ‘Mareridt’ is a sonic nightmare that you never want to escape.


Amalie Bruun – all instruments and composition.

Watch + Share “Ulvinde” via YouTube

Directed By Mats Ek



Relapse Records

  1. Mareridt 
  2. Måneblôt
  3. The Serpent 
  4. Crown
  5. Elleskudt 
  6. De Tre Piker
  7. Funeral (featuring Chelsea Wolfe) 
  8. Ulvinde
  9. Gladiatrix  
  10. Kætteren 
  11. Børnehjem 
  12. Death of Days *
  13. Kvindelil * (featuring Chelsea Wolfe)
  14. Løven * 
  15. Himlen blev sort *
  16. Två Konungabarn *

 *(Digital / Deluxe 2xLP Bonus Track)



October 26: Stockholm (SE) – Close-Up Baten Cruise

November 4: Leeds (UK) – Damnation Festival

November 17 – London (UK) – Heaven #

November 18 – Leeuwarden (NL) – Neushoorn #

November 19 – Lille (FR) – Maison Folie Beaulieu #

November 20 – Paris (FR) – Alhambra #

November 21 – Rennes (FR) – Antipode MJC #

November 23 – Bilbao (ES) – Santana27 #

November 24 – Madrid (ES) – Caracol #

November 25 – Barcelona (ES) – Razzmatazz2 #

November 27 – Milan (IT) – Circolo Magnolia #

November 28 – Aarau (CH) – KiFF #

November 29 – Munich (DE) – Theaterfabrik #

November 30 – Salzburg (AT) – Rockhouse #

December 1 – Bologna (IT) – Locomotiv #

December 2 – Zagreb (HR) – Culture Factory #
December 4 – Belgrade (RS) – Dom Omladine #
December 5 – Bucharest (RO) – Quantic Club #
December 6 – Cluj-Napoca (RO) – Form Space #

December 7 – Budapest (HU) – A38 #

December 8 – Vienna (AT) – Arena #

December 10 – Krakow (PL) – Kwadrat #

December 11 – Prague (CZ) – Roxy #

December 12 – Berlin (DE) – Heimathafen #

December 13 – Cologne (DE) – Kantine #

December 15 – Rotterdam (NL) – maasSilo #

December 16 – Brussels (BE) – VK #

December 17 – Hamburg (GE) – Gruenspan #

December 18 – Copenhagen (DK) – Pumpehuset #

December 17 – Norway, Oslo – Parkteateret #

December 20 – Stockholm (SE) – Debaser Strand #

# – w/ Solstafir

North American Dates To Be Announced Soon




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