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Returning for an exclusive premiere with The Partae is Australian rapper Wellie, back with his new bone-chilling anthem ‘Spacewalker’ produced by Black Canvas and will be available tomorrow. This single follows the string of releases from the Australian artist over the last 12-months, including his last two singles ‘ OneNight ’ and ‘Lurking’ which reached over an accumulated 15,000 plays on Spotify alone. ‘Spacewalker’ serves as a story behind Wellie’s mind and his beliefs on today’s current society.

“Initially, we went to the studio to create an impromptu concept project about a man from a different time trying to understand the world around him, and ‘Spacewalker’ was one of the songs from the session with which we emotionally identified.”
– Wellie

Heavily influenced by the likes of Kanye West and Young Thug for remoulding the art of hip-hop, Wellie takes on the role of doing the same as he delves into issues like depression and loneliness steering away from the status quo of subject matter in today’s hip-hop landscape. Wellie also offers
us the visuals to “Spacewalker” which complements the themes of the song, situating himself in darkness in empty parks and fields really painting the vibe of loneliness with stillness in his performance to match. You can keep up to date with Wellie’s future happenings by following his collectives Blond Paper
website and his Instagram below!


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