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What is your name and role within MÖWE?

We’re Melanie and Clemens and we’re both producers and DJ’s

Where are you currently based?

We are based in Vienna in the 17th and 19th district.

You’ve just released your new track ‘One Love’ what inspired this track?

The track was inspired by a lot of things.  Since our world is currently taking a very bumpy road we thought it would be nice to have a track that clearly states that humanity is all about ONE LOVE and respecting each other.

Where and when did you produce?

We are always producing when we are not on the road. We both have our own studio in our flats so whenever we feel like producing we can do that but most of the time we do it at night. Don´t know why but maybe because it´s quiet then and because most ideas come at night J

What equipment and programs do you use?

Master keys Arturia, RME interface, ApolloTwin interface, Mac, MicroKorg, Juno 106, Vsts: serum,avenger,ni komplete

Who or what influences your sound?

That’s a question we hear really often and we always try to answer it but to be honest we are influenced by so many artists, sounds and things that we rather not try to name them all J

Your previous track ‘Skyline’ achieved huge success, hitting over 8 million Spotify streams, why do you think this track in particular became such a hit?

We don´t know but if we had to guess we would say because lyrics and the feeling of the track is very “easy” it kind of takes you to a good place whenever you hear it and it reminds you of much easier times.

Is there a formula to releasing a successful track?

Unfortunately not J We think if there were one everybody would use it J In our opinion a good track let´s people fly and escape from stress of day to day life

You have had a busy year of touring, recently playing Amsterdam Dance Event, and Ushuaia Ibizia, how do you prepare for each show?

First of all we try to get enough sleep J Then we check our setlist and add some new tracks we wanna play when this is all done we like to have one or two beers before the show and just hang around the backstage area.

Do you have a favourite show of the year and if so which and why?

Yes we really loved paying Oldenbora Festival in Germany and also our Bali show was really fun J

What are the greatest challenges you face with touring?

The greatest challenges we face when touring is the little amount of sleep cause when we are on a tight schedule you only get like 5-6 hours sleep and travelling is exhausting. So we think that would be it.

How did MÖWE form?

We met when Clemens band played a show at a club and my band was looking for a new bass player and then we started to play in my band together and after my band split up we decided to try something new and Clemens came by one day and had half a track and I said lets finish it together and we did and that was the beginning of MÖWE

What can we expect for the future?

We have a lot of new releases coming up and a lot of shows J

Where and when are you playing next?

24th Nov. Duplex Club //Czech Republic and 15th Dec. PraterSauna //Vienna

Favourite food and place to hangout?

Lasagne and Schweinsbraten

At home

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