MOURN share single & video for ‘Fun At The Geysers’

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Barcelona’s fledgling rockers MOURN will share their third LP Sorpresa Familia, on Friday 15th June via Captured Tracks / Remote Control. Today, they share ‘Fun At the Geysers’, the second single to be lifted from the album, along with a video shot in Iceland where the story that inspired the song took place. Following on from first single ‘Barcelona City Tour’, the band travelled back to Iceland to film the music video for the new track, which you can read about and check out photos from their time spent there via Milk.

In an interview with MilkMOURN explains the song and video:
“The people from the label that came with us [to Reykjavik] were telling us that through the years we’d learn how to endure being hungry. They didn’t really care about us at that point. We arrived to the city, ate something and went to sleep right away. The next day we woke up and found ourselves alone in Reykjavík without money or food. The people from the record label had taken a taxi to visit the geysers without telling us. We found out because one of them posted a photo on Instagram. They payed for their excursion with the money the festival was paying us, as usual, counting it as “expenses.”

MOURN began when Jazz Rodríguez Bueno and Carla Perez started to release songs they had written as teens on Youtube; soon after, Antonio Postius and Jazz’s sister Leia Rodríguez joined, completing the quartet. They quickly signed to a Spanish label and, after signing to Brooklyn-based label Captured Tracks in 2014, broke onto the American music scene with their self-titled first LP. Although MOURN have only been making music for a short time (compared to the lengthy careers of many post-punk and rock stalwarts) they have since seen more than their fair share of bureaucratic troubles and music industry red tape. The momentum gained from their first LP came to a halt upon the release of their sophomore album,Ha, Ha, He!, due to legal issues with their now former Spanish label. In 2017, the group was finally relinquished from legal chaos and through Captured Tracks released an EP of covers titled Over the Wall — at last they were able to tour North America to perform songs from their entire catalogue for live audiences.

Rather than letting unfortunate circumstances discourage them, they channeled their angst and mistrials into the 12 original songs on Sorpresa Familia, citing themes such as mistreatment by toxic figures, letting go of the past, and being quite literally abandoned in a foreign city as touring teenagers. A bit older, and certainly grown into their talent even more than before, MOURN is prepared to once again captivate the attention of international critics and fans alike with Sorpresa Familia.

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MOURN – ‘Fun At The Geysers’
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MOURN – Sorpresa Familia is out Friday 15th June via Captured Tracks / Remote Control.
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