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I am Miillie Mesh & I am a rap artist/singer.

I was 12 years old when I started writing lyrics & poems. At 15 my passion for rap & hip-hop music grew. I started writing raps to different instrumentals, one in particular was Eazy E’s ‘Real Compton City G’s.  Around age 18 is when I first got into a recording space & wrote to a song my cousin featured me on called ‘Body Bag’. I doubt it ever got released. By the time I was 22 I had my first performance at a Bar & Grill called ‘Woody’s’. From there I started to make my presence more known by being in rap cyphers & going to local places where other rap artist would perform to support them. In return they put me on to more shows & my name began to spread.

I am based out in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (USA) This is home.

For me when I write a song I’m in the studio with my producer or I’m at home & he’ll send me beats. I basically just start free-styling & jot down what bars or bar stands out to me & once those first few bars are made that’ll help me decide the direction of the song. I also mumble different word patterns to myself, because I like to switch up my rap style through out a song. Also when I’m free-styling I’m not even saying real words sometimes, but I’ll go in later & plug in those spots with words that make sense. It’s like a puzzle.

Right now I’m working on a mix tape/album. The theme is #MESHMADNESS. I’m basically inviting people into my world. I’m opening up more & showing off my personality. I’m expressing my bizarre & cocky style. Self embellishment & narcissism is the expression, but in a good way. I also will be dropping singles every month to give people a taste here & there of Miillie Mesh.

As far as the equipment my team uses for when I perform, it’s pretty simple since I’m just one person. I have a DJ & he or she uses their laptop. When I choose DJ’s I usually go for someone who know how to scratch, hip-hop is the essence of it all. Then I have my microphone, cordless is preferred.

Outside of music when I have time I really like to play video games. I could be on the Wii, PS4, Xbox, or playing old school games like Sonic & Donkey Kong. I use to play videos games so much as a kid that I would miss school because of it. Luckily I had a mom who was just as much of a gamer, so it made my love for games acceptable. I use it as a stress reliever & to get my mind off of things. Most the games I choose to play have story lines & imitate real life, so yes it does effect the music I make. It’s almost the same as watching movies, except you have to help finish it. I sometime reference these games or the characters in the game in my music. Video games are very colorful & animated, so I try to be that way with my music as well.

I like to describe my genre of music as Indie Rap. Everything I envision for myself aesthetically & sonically is never full blown commercial, it has a twist to it, which I feel makes it less mainstream. I’d like to be a good mix of both mainstream & Indie though. I’m all for rapping over different types of production as long as the melody catches me. It doesn’t have to be Hip-Hop oriented, because I can bring that aspect to it. I will literally rap or sing over a deep house, Jazz, or a Reggae styled production. I like sounds that are as complex as I am.

It’s rather sad that I don’t believe I do know any musical theory but some would argue once I tell them I used to play violin for 7 years. Once I stopped being in an orchestra during my high school days I did pick up rap music & eventually forgot how to read notes. I’d like to fully learn piano, which I used to actually play as well when I was about 6 years old. For the time being I play by ear when I hear a melody in my head & want to use it during production. So nonetheless, I’ve still been able to help when creating music with my producers with beat patterns & sounds to use. I’ve always been musically inclined.

In the late future I’d really like to run a female oriented empire. I haven’t decided what the business will be based around specifically but it’ll come to me. For a much closer plan in the near future I’m going to continue to make music. I like writing, so I would definitely be open to write for other artist & make song ideas for & with them. I plan to go on tour & travel the world, especially down under in Australia. I’ve always wanted to be overseas & experience a different kind of people & their way of life vs my own. I want to change lives & be an inspiration to people to follow their hearts & live life according to what their soul purpose is. I plan to be living in L.A. pretty soon & while I’m out there meet with more amazing producers & the videos directors I’ve talked to online. There’s so much opportunity in my near future & I’m ecstatic.

I got into music at very young age, like I mentioned before I played piano for some time when I was 6. My mom got me piano lessons but we ended up moving from  Bakersfield, California to her hometown in Oklahoma. I use to sing a lot in my bedroom as a kid. I’d be listening to all the young teenage pop stars from Brandy to N’SYNC. Also in Oklahoma is where I picked up Violin in elementary school at age 8 & played until my sophomore year in high school. Music has always been apart of my life. Music has molded & shaped my life in such a way where I don’t think I would be the same person if it was taken away from me or if I never had music in my life.

The type of music I’m listening to at the moment is mainly mixes by DJ’s & producers on Soundcloud. They sample a song of any kind from different artist & they remake a beat around the sample & it’s usually upbeat & melodic. Some of my faves are Sango, ZEPHYR, & wntr. For all around good listening I listen to SOULECTION on Soundcloud.

My top 5 influences & icons are Grace Jones, Chaka Khan, Janelle Monae, Solange, & Missy Elliot. I love & admire the way all of these women have carried & carry themselves. I hope to have as much style & be as royal as they are when I’m in my prime or even before then. They are also insanely talented & I believe all of them deserve way more credit.

My next show of course is in my very own hometown Oklahoma City at a placed called ‘The Venue’. It’s going to be a benefit concert for our friend/photographer in the hip-hop rap scene, Tony. He had surgery recently & we’re just raising money to help support him, since he’s supported us. I love playing at that venue & I am so excited to be apart of another meaningful event.

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