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Where are you currently based?

i live in San Francisco and have lived in California my entire life.

Your currently working on a new album, what is influencing the sound of the album?

i have always been influenced by all different styles of sounds and try to incorporate and infuse that diversity into my music while exploring textures, layers and dynamics.. my music self expression tends to be more subtle and laid back, on the deeper side of the spectrum.

Where are you recording/producing?

i have always worked in my same small humble recording studio space here in SF since 2002 or so.


What is the aim for the album upon it’s release?

i dont have any big plans for it at all yet, the music comes first of course, and then you find it a good home and just sort send it off into the world and hope that some people connect and resonate with it.

Which label will you be releasing with?

not sure yet, its only halfway there. this one will be a slow process as i have been dealing with so many other projects also, so i have not had the proper time to really focus and dive into it the way i want and need to.

Your also very busy with many “track” based single releases, please describe your typical writing process?

i always just do what im feeling and roll with spontaneous ideas and see what happens.. if its more of a “track” based production i approach that as something i would want to play out in the club setting with more of a dance floor focus in mind.. but with writing full songs and album style material i approach that in more of a listener based frame of mind, creating music that is in the dance genre yet more laid back and structured with a more listening oriented flow to it rather than being concerned with thew club appeal.


Who are you listening to at the moment?

i listen to the same music i have always listened to my entire life, everyday i have always listened to stuff like steely dan, fleetwood mac, prince, tom petty, burning spear, muddy waters, and also stuff like D’angelo, the black keys, phoenix, and soooo many more… people always find that interesting for some reason, i guess because i have always loved and listened to more classic rock and soulful sounds since i was born as thats what my parents played every day in the house while growing up. yet i write and produce “dance” music as my own form of artistic expression, and i dont really listen to much “dance” or electronic.

What equipment do you use?

i have always used logic since the beginning, and i have an array of outboard synth gear, racks and keyboards that i use and play around with and create unique sounds

Which gig has been your favorite this year and why?

hard to pick a favorite. there are a few cities i always enjoy playing in. LA at Sound Club a few months ago was a great vibe, and in Dallas at It’ll Do Nightclub also is always a good one, consistent with great crowd and energy every time, so those 2 are standouts.

How do you prepare for each gig?

i spend quite a bit of time sifting through loads of promos and demos before each gig to always have new music. and i enjoy doing custom edits, to have unique material to include in my sets, as well as test out alot of my own productions that im working on. then i just play track by track and see where it goes and how it flows based on the vibe of the crowd and room. its always a unique experienced and that keeps things fun as well as interesting.

What’s the greatest challenge with touring so often?

well i had to cut way back on the touring years ago, as i have a herniated disc issue in my lower back which can be extremely debilitating.

so i have to be much more picky and careful about how i do things in recent years. and being over 6 feet tall makes it more challenging to sit on those long flights with back issues. gotta find more balance in life these days, so i tour much less frequently and spread things out way more than i used to.

 Top 3 icons?

prince, jimi hendrix, bob marley, muddy waters and sooo many more…

Favorite food and place to hangout?

depends on my mood, i love seafood, vietnamese, italian, japanese… as for hanging out, the beach, the park, a dive bar, my studio, depends on my mood and the weather of course.

 When and where are you playing next?

tomorrow night at my monthly event in SF at a venue called “the great northern”.

and then next week in LA for a very special event at a beloved venue that closed last year called “king king” as they are reopening the doors just for this one special party.





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