MEZKO, Helena Hauff, John Keek, Lee Ann Womack, Onyx Collective, Soja, Dub Pistols, Baxter Dury Out Now Friday!!

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The newest members of the Inertia Musicfamily, MEZKO, today release their debut EP PolychronicPolychronic is a mesh of driving synths, clanging guitars and leather-clad vocals. From the sonically thrilling track and glittery, dark video for “Steady On”, to the pulsating “Everyone”, the EP sees the duo delve head first into an exciting and unoccupied music space created by them and for them.

MEZKO are just getting started, so if you’re not already
onboard, it’s time to jump on the back of the
motorbike – you’re in for a wild ride.

Out now on Inertia Music
Helena Hauff
Have You Been There,
Have You Seen It

Helena Hauff’s brand new EP – Have You Been There, Have You Seen It – finds her in breathtaking form, lining up four lithe, muscular and overtly shadowy analogue excursions improvised and recorded in her studio in Hamburg. Already one of the most revered DJs doing the rounds at the moemnt, this EP sees her skill and unique selection propel even further into electronic folklore
Hauff has retained enough of her modus operandi that
long-time fans will be satiated; newcomers may
go away thirsting for more.

Exclaim!, 7/10
Out now on Ninja Tune via Inertia Music
Baxter Dury
Prince Of Tears

Baxter Dury has today released his new album Prince Of Tears. Intensely personal, yet brutally open, this is Baxter’s fifth album and his most ambitious and biggest work to date. Whilst retaining the natty charm of his previous works, like his debut Len Parrot’s Memorial Lift, Baxter this time worked with a full band and orchestra to truly bring the soundscapes of his emotional netherworld to life.
Ian Dury’s son has finally found his own key.
The result is a revelation.

The Times, ★ ★ ★ ★
Out now on Le Label via [PIAS]
John Keek
If + When

John Keek‘s debut single “If + When” and accompanying three track EP of the same is out now on Big Dada. Keek, now 20, began playing the Sax at age 14, hailing from a Las Vegas family full of talented musicians, he gravitated early on toward Jazz but has since drawn on his wide-ranging inspirations, artists like Donny Hathaway, Louis Coleto, craft a sound that encompasses elements of pop, RnB and Hip Hop.
A bright, skin-tingling swirl of sax magic.
Out now on Big Dada via Inertia Music
Lee Ann Womack
The Lonely, The Lonesome
and The Gone

Lee Ann Womack, one of the most distinctive and decorated vocalists in modern music, today make her debut for ATO Records, with the release of The Lonely, The Lonesome & The GoneAn album that mixes the country, soul, gospel and blues of her native East Texas into an audacious, sharp-edged work of art, the album is Womack’s most personal album to date.
Lee Ann Womack returns to her roots.
New York Times
Out now on ATO Records via [PIAS]
Onyx Collective
The Lower East Suite Pt. 1

The Lower East Suite Pt. 1 is the first instalment in what will be a three part release on Big Dada. Comprised of recordings from storefronts, bars, and street corners throughout New York City, The Lower East Suite will be a snapshot of the city that acted as both a venue and recording studio for the much hyped collective, with many of the tracks taking names from the addresses they were recorded.
ONYX Collective is injecting jazz cool Into N.Y.C.’s downtown scene.
Out now on Big Dada via Inertia Music
Poetry In Motion

SOJA, the internationally acclaimed GRAMMY-nominated eight-piece, today release their new album Poetry In Motion. SOJA ’s core sound – an uplifting meld of reggae,, D.C. hardcore, Latin, rock, and hip-hop – is as tight and compelling as it’s ever been in the group’s twenty-year history, but now the group delves deeper on its message of finding peace and understanding in the world caught in tribulation.
Well-crafted songs offering profound yet poetic statements fuelled by
righteous rage and delivered with rock star bravura.

Out now on ATO Records via [PIAS]
Dub Pistols
Crazy Diamonds

As they gear up to celebrate 20 years of unhinged lunacy, Dub Pistols return with their seventh studio album, entitled Crazy Diamonds. One of the hardest working bands in show business, Barry Ashworthand his motley crew have added a much-needed swagger to the UK dance scene in recent years and new album Crazy Diamonds finds the band at their uncontrollable, bass-driven best.
A fitting tribute to the band’s career to date.
The Skinny
Out now on Sunday Best via [PIAS]

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