Introducing HANDSOME + new single and video ‘Late Night Ball Game’

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Introducing HANDSOME + new single and video ‘Late Night Ball Game’

Remote Control Records are thrilled to announce the signing of HANDSOME to Dot Dash Recordings. The announcement comes with the release of a new single and video for ‘Late Night Ball Game feat. Joyride,’ premiered last night on Home & Hosed on triple j and lifted from an EP entitled No Hat No Play coming early 2018.

Sydney-based HANDSOME is a new artist, crafting a mix of tomboy pop and brooding electronica. The bold and new sounds herald a celebration of self-expression and carefree creativity, whilst still being accompanied by obsessive perfection. The name HANDSOME is a nod to her queer identity and is inspired by her strong friendships, falling in love, kissing girls and rolling your eyes at people who have opinions on who you should be. HANDSOME is a statement of defiance.

Crafting music mostly in home studios around NSW, HANDSOME has a knack for the DIY. Working with artists and writers with strong pop sensibilities and then taking the songs into their final chapters, she plays with unique aural aesthetics to achieve something distinctive and brand new.
Collaborations with artists such as Joyride, Jonny Took (DMA’s), Benjamin Fletcher and David Hunt (Marina & The Diamonds, Sarah Blasko), Jayteehazard and more, have given the project its first start – with many more collaborations to come.

On new single ‘Late Night Ball Game’ HANDSOME shares:

“A little over a year and a half ago, Joyride and I pieced this song together. ‘Late Night Ball Game’ is a song that is so close to my heart because it so captures what it is like to be stuck in your own head when you’re deeply worried about having to reveal a secret to someone you love. It follows the story of a person coming out to their friends, their family, their loved ones. A story that often reflects turmoil, and hurt and pain. Why do we instil fear in our young ones who are simply wanting to reveal who they truly are?

The fact that this song was written over a year ago and finds itself so relevant at this very moment speaks volumes. The saddest thing about this debate and what really resonates in this song in my opinion, is that their is a huge power held in the hands of those that we need acceptance from – our families, our friends – and now that power has been given to the Australian public.

The clip follows 5 friends, representative of the closeness of the queer community. They bring each other strength, support and the power to be themselves – despite what the world throws at them. In a series of narratives, the video wades through real experiences. The build aims to resolve these tales, and even though some of their truths are hard to swallow, there is a sense of release.

All the key characters in the clip identify as queer themselves, and indeed endured formidable moments playing their parts, but did so with the conviction of empowering others. We wanted to make something that was bold and authentic, and left the viewer with a simple question… why would you put a person through this?”

HANDSOME has seen previous success under the moniker Caitlin Park, garnering critical acclaim, winning the SOYA award in 2013, landing a nomination for the Australian Music Prize in 2014, and playing shows with the likes of First Aid Kit, SOAK, James Vincent McMorrow, Courtney Barnett, The Japanese House and more.

HANDSOME ‘Late Night Ball Game feat. Joyride’
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HANDSOME – ‘Late Night Ball Game’ is out now. 

New EP No Hat No Play out early 2018 via Dot Dash / Remote Control. 

Dot Dash
Remote Control Records

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