Martin Roth

by the partae

Where are you currently based?

Born in Frankfurt but I am living in Berlin / Germany since 14 years now …

When did you start Djing?

Actually I was a music producer first doing live shows for several years before I started to DJ around 15 years ago.

What were your early passions and influences and have they changed over time?

Obviously 80ies and 90ies music was a huge influence in the beginning as well as especially getting in touch with electronic music during my first years in nightclubs in the late 90ies enjoying the “Frankfurt” Sound in the Dorian Gray & Omen – two famous Frankfurt nightclubs where I became a huge fan of Sven Väth and the likes … and still am.

How would you describe your current sound?Deep-Techno & Housey-Electronic.

Please tell us about your track on the Anjuandeep 09 compilation, what influenced the sound of this track?  Where did you produce?  What programs and equipment do you use?

Many times the story is the same: you are buying new equipment, falling for analogue again, spend time with it, play with the new toys, build a better environment, better monitors, healthier day-routine, less distractions, further new toys and techniques … and write many songs which might be good …
… but the tracks that matter are happening in 25 minutes – on the Laptop – on the couch at home – on cheap headphones – just on Ableton 😉 It didn’t take much longer.

You have several other original tracks coming up as well as a few remixes and a single with Maria (Marymoon), how did the collaboration with Mary come about?  What are the greatest challenges with each collaboration?

I met Maria a few years back in LA and our path’s crossed ever since. I was really impressed by the way she plays, by her taste and by the charm and charism she is spreading onto the crowd. So I tried to work out a few layouts with her. In the end she did a track I changed a few  tiny bits and peices and the other ways ’round. And that’s how we will do it in the future when the colder days are coming and both of us have more time to produce.

As I am picking collaborations mainly by how I get along with the people there are not many challenges – the only challenge is that you can present the one you are collaborating with the best you can in the end.

You became a father roughly a year ago, you took a little pause from the production process to enjoy and proceed through the fatherhood role and how to slowly go back to business with all it’s up- and downsides, your now back on tour and in the studio again, how does it feel to be making music again after the break?  Has having a child influenced your sound?

I wouldn’t say it influenced my sound much but my view onto the scene and people I am working with changed a lot I suppose: After all this superficial life, having a kid is kinda really healthy – apart from having less time it still is slowing you down a bit – not running from one deadline you are giving yourself to the next – taking it a bit more easy and that’s what maybe is actually really noticeable on the new music – it is way more simple – I always had been a big fan of minimalism but way more easy going and less overthought. Which is an absolute plus after years of perfectionism and routine.

However as the last two years were quite time-consuming in other terms too and it doesn’t take long in this fast paced industry the demand is decreasing as production work wasn’t really as possible as it should have been and you sliding a bit off the radar.
Luckly a new – mabye a different but refreshing – routine is now in place to stay fresh and hungry for the next years in the studio and on stage.

You’re introducing a new side / band / acoustic project with “An Analog Guy In a Digital World” you hinted on this 2 years ago, what can we expect from this new experimental act?

I am trying already for longer to finally establish a new project and time feels right now and also the style. I was really overwhelmed about the feedback I got from this track I did at a random night putting it out as a free download. So I decided to experiment a bit more into this direction and I think I will release an album as AAGIADW soon to move this further as I finished several layouts here already. A band / live show would be the next step then.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

A Spotify-Playlist curated by Christian Loeffler. Very awesome.

Best show of the year so far?

Antisocial – Mumbai / India.

How has the scene changed since you started?

Sometimes I am wondering if some of these people in front of me are experiencing the very same feelings I had when I got into this music and I hope they do and as every EDM wave brings a new underground scene with it as well I think not much on the basis has changed and every downside brings new upsides.

What direction do you think electronic music is going?

Everything is a cycle and styles are disappearing but getting reinvented after a while – also scenes in different countries are developing from good to worse and then suddenly appearing as huge fanbases again. So I am trying  not to follow a trend too much – getting inspired by it is fine but adding your personal roots and current influences and moods seems to be always the best and honest way to work and keeps you happy and satisfied.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

I love everything but genuine Italian still rocks my world the most. There are so many nice places here in my hood and when places might close down they are making room for new inspiring venues and cafes. So hard to pick one in particular. Apart from that I really enjoy spending time in Buenos Aires, Los Angeles / Venice or New York.

When and where are you playing next?

Japan – it is the remaining piece on my travel-map and I am very very excited.

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