Markantonio – New EP

by the partae

An icon of the Italian techno scene, Markantonio has spent many years building his reputation, and his latest EP is a collaboration with Canadian artist Atroxx.

Atroxx has been a feature of labels like Unity Records and Phobiq alongside having released music on Markantonio’s own label AnalyticTrail.

Markantonio’s impressive back catalogue includes releases on the likes of Drumcode and many releases on his own label, so it’s no surprise that his collaborations with Atroxx are also available via AnalyticTrail.

The three tracks on the EP are dark and thundering with the title track “Octave Shift” opening things with its twisted vocals and break beat groove with heavy percussion fuelled by snare rolls.

Also on the release is the euphoric “Give Me” which has a pulsating energy full of atmosphere, and final track “The One” hones in on some pad stabs that add a moody depth to the driving percussion.

Very much on trend with the modern techno sound that’s constantly growing in popularity, if you are into people like Adam Beyer or Charlotte de Witte then this EP is definitely for you.

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