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Where are you currently based and what is the music scene like there?

I am a Melbourne based artist and I am fairly new to the scene here in my city, but I know that the independent music scene here is quite eclectic and vast. I like that there are a lot of different people doing different things, I feel like there is a little corner for everyone to feel like they belong and feel like they can express themselves openly through music, I tend to work more with music producers myself, especially producers that experiment with more future pop sounds because that’s what I am interested in at the moment, that’s a little more niche here, pushing the boundaries of pop but still making it accessible is so exciting to me.

How did you first start playing music?

I started singing when I was about five years old, I really had an interest in self expression even back then, I started singing and taking dance lessons when I was six years old.

Please give us a brief history of what brought you to this point in your career:

Well I started pursuing music when I was six years old, so for about 6 years I was classically trained, then when I was 13, I started to teach myself, I listened to a lot of 70s and 80s music like Bowie and Culture Club, I was really into theatre and art too, I was super involved in that world, I then found that I could form fashion, theatre and music into one and I did that, from there I studied music for a couple of years but I never felt truly fulfilled and I kind of felt like an outsider. I left uni after a really hard time in my life, and I guess it has lead me here now, I just try to make art that makes me feel visible and that pushes me to be fearless.

Your single ‘Frankenstein’ is out now, what influenced the sound and songwriting for this track?

Frankenstein for me is a departure from a box I kind of put myself in sonically, this song explores texture and experimental pop elements that convey emotion, it’s super synthetic but there a lot being said, it’s a void of emotional pain. I am really in love with artists like that push the boundaries of music and art, like SOPHIE, the PC music movement highly influenced this track, as well as 80s rock stars and Marilyn Manson, It’s a fusion of everything I love about Pop Music, it feels so fierce yet so melancholic, and I think I feel that juxtaposition in my own emotions a lot.

So I decided to write about my own identity and how I feel the world views me, I always feel like I am being cut up and then stuck back together again by society, and I end up kind of being left feeling like a monster, and  I have to pick up my own pieces and try to recover myself, so I used “Frankenstein” as a metaphor for that. The lyrics were like poems when I was writing them, I usually associate my music with colours, and this song is Ultraviolet and Green.

Where and when did you record?

I recorded this song earlier this year, around June, but i wrote the song around July 2017. I recorded the vocals at my old universities campus, we used the studios and recorded the vocals pretty quickly, the production of the song was the most challenging part.

Who did you work with?

I worked with my really good friend Joju, he is an artist/electronic music producer from Melbourne, we went to uni together and met through some friends and we started a musical journey together. He really helped express what I wanted to express with this song, my understanding of production has really improved because of him.

How do you usually go about writing music?

Lately I tend to start with chords, and I sing a melody line over it, but there are a lot of different ways that I write, sometimes it’s just a concept, Melody or just some lyrics/poetry that I turn into a song later on when I work out the composition.

You are playing the Workers Club in Melbourne on the 10th of October, what can we expect form this show?

This show is going to be so electric, I have been practising really hard with my band to bring everyone a really exciting performance. I think people can expect a theatrical element to the show, it will be full of fashion and pop music, I really want the night to feel like an exhibition.

Who’s supporting this show?

My amazing friends KAIAR and Joju! They are both incredible artists who create beautiful electronic music. KAIAR is a dream-pop producer with glitchy pop music an angelic voice that moves around the beats like trickling water. Joju will bring 80s synth wave dreams, his music is nostalgic but so fresh and unique, I am so excited to celebrate our music.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment I am listening to a lot of really innovative pop artists, I am very excited about what is coming out of the new pop scene, I am obsessed with SOPHIE, Kim Petras, Charli XCX, Allie X, EASYFUN, Hannah Diamond, Rina Sawayama, Lana Del Rey etc.

What do you like to do outside of music?

I like to watch movies and paint, I watch a lot of sci fi movies and thrillers. Painting lets me express myself in a different way than music does, it’s super visual and right in front of me, I think it can reveal a lot about yourself.

What do you have planned for the remainder of 2018 going into 2019, tours, new music?

For the remainder of 2018, I am going to continue to work on music, I am constantly writing music and concepts, so developing those will keep me busy. I am also working with some really cool people on music, I think my latest single “Frankenstein” gave me some more visibility, It showed off more of my creativity and so far people have really liked it and it has arisen new opportunities to with really cool people. In 2019 I am going to release an EP, also hopefully tour and gig as much as possible, I have also been talking about moving to LA early next year, so it’s an exciting time.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

My favourite food is 100% Pad Thai Noodles, Thai food is my go to food all the time, and my favourite place to hangout is the movies or an art gallery, I go and see a movie or go to a gallery when I am stressed out or when my creativity is blocked, I really love the fantasy, it’s an escape from yourself for a little while.





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