M.E.S.H. releases new album, ‘Hesaitix’, on PAN + new live show & 2018 bookings

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M.E.S.H. releases his second album, ‘Hesaitix’, on PAN + new live show 

James Whipple aka M.E.S.H. returns with his much anticipated sophmore album, opening up the vault on a wider breadth of immersive sound, rhythm and experience to deliver ‘Hesaitix’, out now on PAN

With this new outing, M.E.S.H. takes himself closer to the rave whilst still having one foot firmly in the experimental sphere, producing a sound that, as Pitchfork describes, is “rooted somewhere in the corporeal fantasies that have always propelled dance music […] Hesaitix unravels an imaginary realm that feels genuinely new in form”.

As the album progresses, the ebb and flow between the atmospheric and the frenetic, the cinematic and the supernatural, captivates as much as it appeals to a visceral need to move – as The Quietusso succinctly put it, “M.E.S.H.’s new album overwhelms and engulfs”.

You can listen to the album in full via The Fader

Along with the release comes a new live show which will present a hi energy, rhythmic, more legible and club-ready sound based around the more percussion-focused music from Hesaitix and previous releases. M.E.S.H. uses his unique capacity to produce frenetic collaged sound which will then resolve into a driving and somewhat more focused groove. There will also be an AV extension of the show available for booking with the option of having live visuals mixed by artist and close collaborator Michael Guidetti.

Not forgetting M.E.S.H.’s now well renowned DJ sets, an always incendiary experience best displayed in his most recent mix for Resident Advisor which FACT Magazine describes as “one of the best RA mixes of the year“. A recent session was also notably highlighted as one of the best sets at the latest edition of Lunchmeat Festival which was recounted by RA as “a tour de force, an extraordinary crush of every dance genre imaginable, lucidly mixed and full of explosive moments and left turns.”

Image credit : Nadine Fraczkowski



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