LUKE CARLINO digs deep on new single ‘HEARTSTOPS’ from the forthcoming BEASTS EP

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Earlier this year, Luke Carlino reintroduced himself with the simmering firecracker of a single in ‘Minute’ – a single that effortlessly blended indie with electronic, while injecting a soothing dose of hip hop into the mix. It was a fitting way to demonstrate the songwriter’s love of exploring the eclectic and presenting music that not only soared in its arrangement, but boldly played with light and dark tones. Now, Carlino returns brandishing some new heat with his long-anticipated sophomore EP, BEASTS.

Working with noted producers SixFour (Caiti BakerA.B Original) on the BEASTS EP, Carlino had a wealth of experience and production mastery on his side. Bringing forth the delicate sonic nuances that make the EP as a whole shine, their teamwork ensured a tight dynamic behind the scenes was realised perfectly on record. “There was some hefty collaboration, which I loved because making music in a room with SixFour is the best. We went from home studios to rehearsal rooms to jam ideas and every second of it was super fun times.” Luke Carlino

Premiering with Scenestr, lead single ‘Heartstops’ is marked by the familiar melodic charm of ‘Minute’, but positions itself in a lighter musical realm. A love song built on woozy electronics and emotional vocal flair. “I miss you more if you have to go,” Carlino sings, as the arrangement builds and swells impressively.

As the second cut from the BEASTS EP, ‘Heartstops’ is a prime example of the way Carlino deals with heavier emotions and the sensitivity of them, with beautiful sonic depth. “‘Heartstops’ was the first song I wrote and worked on with SixFour who went on to produce the whole EP. Musically it’s quite bright, but lyrically it touches on death and relationships. I wrote it soon after I lost my uncle and was obsessed with spending as much time as I could with loved ones because it can all be gone in a second. So this weird love song driven by the fear of death emerged, and that is ‘Heartstops’.” Luke Carlino

The emotional journey simply begins with ‘Heartstops’, with Carlino continuing to explore the heady terrain of relationships in flux, personal growth and change on the BEASTS EP track, debuting with Happy Magazine this week. EP track  ‘This Won’t Go Well’ is another highlight, featuring vocal talents of Adelaide’s Sasha March on record, the narrative is brought together beautifully on screen with honesty and boldness.

Carlino has thrived this year off the back of ‘Minute’, with the single seeing him hit the stage with the likes of Caiti Baker, The Midwayers and longtime collaborator Daydream Fever, and more recently, Wil Wagner and Robbie Miller. The single enjoyed strong community radio love, while earning a Top 10 spot on the Triple J Unearthed Electric Charts and turning the heads of tastemakers including Purple Sneakers and Pilerats.

“Throughout the new EP, Luke Carlino navigates a disorientating blend of pop, indie rock, and electronica to craft a sound that is uniquely his own. Both glitchy and cinematic, Beasts will rope you in and pull you in myriad directions.” 
Happy Magazine

“Blending indie with electronic, while injecting a soothing dose of hip hop, Melbourne-based musician Luke Carlino returns with a new single, ‘Heartstops’…”

“With a swirling soundscape that builds to completely wrap around you, this song doubles down on the complexity and emotional fragility that Carlino’s songs are known for while pairing perfectly with the gentleness still in tact with the vocals.” 
Purple Sneakers (‘Minute’)

“He combines the world of indie, electronica and hip-hop for this genre-smashing, boundary-warping sound that is easy to fall in love with.”
Pilerats (‘Minute’)

“With nods to the innovation of DD Dumbo and Big Scary, his songs of slowly constructed melodies expand from traditional pop and rock songwriting structures. Electronic beats and layered guitar-driven loops help build the intensity in each track, complimented by his emotive vocal style.”
The Music

Quickly cultivating a strong fanbase in his new home city of Melbourne, the Adelaide original hasn’t let the momentum fizzle, instead pouring the positive energy into the making of his new EP.BEASTS – in itself – indicates something much larger is still in store. Before the end of the month, Carlino’s endgame for this year of music will revealed in all its glory.

The BEASTS EP is out now.
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