LEA PORCELAIN Unveil New Single and Video “A Year From Here”

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Hymns To The Night, Debut Album Coming June 16

“How does time affect our life and how do we deal with it?” Lea Porcelain question in their new video ‘A Year From Here‘.  “Probably one of the most important and primal challenges for humankind is dealing with age and evanescence. Because humans are mortal, and the days when we are lonely, down and feel that lack of motivation, are the days that we fight against in our everyday life.”

Lea Porcelain want to give every viewer “the feeling that is just a human emotion and these days that seem dark – when everything you see is black and white – are the days in which it is also important to make progress, to recapitulate and to change your life if it needs changing.”

BlackBook debuted the video describing the “piercingly visceral new single sets a melancholy vocal against a sweep of mournful, majestic strings – shades of The xx and early New Order. It’s a poignant, pithy drama for our growing culture of modern alienation.”

Lea Porcelain’s forthcoming debut Hymns To The Night was written and recorded over a two year period in Berlin’s FUNKHAUS, a broadcasting house created under Soviet supervision that now houses the world’s biggest recording studio. The spectrum of the album is extremely wide. Hymns To The Night bends genres, yet every song works together, playing with very different moods.  Lea Porcelain describe their sound “atmospheric, cinematic and melancholic”.

Before Lea Porcelain, project members Julien Bracht and Markus Nikolaus were working within completely separate musical spheres. Bracht was a successful techno producer touring the world, Nikolaus a go-to independent musician, navigating between Berlin and the rest of the world.

Lea Porcelain aim to make “universal” music; songs people can treasure in day, night, between different states of mind. They want to make music for “the entire world”, and this partly stems from a globe-trotting past.  No matter the genre, range of instruments or sound palette, their presence is unmistakable. Every song is tied together by the duo’s ethos, their free approach towards making music.  In the standout moments of their debut, everything spills outwards, drums cascading into the distance, a cross between self-destruction and complete euphoria.

WATCH: ‘This Is Lea Porcelain. A Portrait By Ramon Haindl

An intimate visual portrait of the band living and recording in FUNKHAUS Berlin

Photo: Micki Rosi Richter

Lea Porcelain 

Hymns To The Night

June 16, 2017

Pre-order Here

1 – Out Is In

2 – Bones

3 – A Year From Here

4 – Warsaw Street

5 – Similar Familiar

6 – White Noise

7 – The Love

8 – A Faraway Land

9 – Remember

10 – 12th Of September

11 – Loose Life

12 – Endlessly

Lea Porcelain EU Live Dates:

June 4: Leipzig, Germany – WGT Festival

June 14: Nottingham, UK – Rough Trade – Instore

June 15: London, UK – Rough Trade East – Instore

June 17: Augsburg, Germany – Modular Festival

June 26: Paris, France – Grand Rivage

July 16: Southwold, UK – Latitude Festival

Aug 25-27: Reading & Leeds

Sept 1: Bingly, UK – Bingly Music Live

Oct 2: Rostock, Germany – Mau (MusikExpress Club Tour)

Lea Porcelain Online: Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Spotify | Soundcloud

For more info please contact:  


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