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What are some of your standout moments that have happened so far on your musical journey?

Having met and toured and really hung out with Gil Scott Heron on his last tour through Europe, living in and touring around Europe with our son for a few years, going to Africa and Brazil. All the travel and amazing people we met along the way are what stands out to me in my mind.


Tell us a bit about how The Alpha Sessions came together and the eventual creation process of Royal Blue 3000.

The Alpha Sessions were born out of almost desperation to try and find that piece of the puzzle that might pull all the other pieces of puzzle together and create for us a musical pathway of our own. We found it difficult trying to do that with the four walls of our studio, so we came up with the idea to take our studio set up out onto the stage with very small starter ideas, that could be a turn around, or a loop, or a repetitive word..and elaborate live in front of an audience..just to see what would happen, and it was on that stage that Royal Blue 3000 was born. We took the ideas we grew from there and refined them in the studio.

What is the band’s gear set-up on stage?

Julien on drums, Brandon on keys, samples and effects, and Parks on modular synth, drum machine, and samples.

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What do you like to do outside of music and does it influence your sound?

I think everything that interests us informs our creative appetite and in turn totally influences our sound. I personally am a constant writer, I’m always writing and noting down every tiny tidbit that interests me, and any philosophy or idea that I like or don’t like will end up in a book of mine as I attempt to dissect some meaning from it. I think that ends up in my song lyrics for sure.

What words come to mind that you think best describe the music you make?

Synths, love, rainbows, electric.


Who are your top 5 icons music-related or otherwise?

My five are mine alone (lil disclaimer)

  • Patty Smith
  • Nafanua
  • Bob Marley
  • Oprah
  • RZA

What are you listening to at the moment?

Our track ‘Outta Time’ from Royal Blue 3000 on repeat. I don’t even know why but I think it excites and focuses me.

These are your first Australian shows in a few years, what are you most looking forward to?

The weather in Cairns, the people, coffee and vibrations of Melbourne. New things to discover for myself in Brisbane and Sydney while hooking up with friends and family in both places too.


Tickets on sale now from


Thursday 13 July – Hudson Ballroom, Sydney

w/ special guests The Goods & DIOLA

Friday 14 July – The Foundry, Brisbane

w/ special guests Tiana Khasi & Jesswar

Saturday 15 July – Globe Alley, Melbourne
w/ special guests Amin Payne (DJ Set) & Sean Deans (DJ Set)

Thursday 20 July – The Reef Hotel, Cairns

Friday 21 July – The Reef Hotel, Cairns

Saturday 22 July – The Reef Hotel, Cairns

 The Royal Blue 3000 EP is available now via iTunes.


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