Kitty, Daisy & Lewis share new “Black Van”

by the partae

KITTY, DAISY & LEWIS SHARE NEW TRACK  “BLACK VAN” Superscope album out Friday September 29 on Sunday Best via [PIAS]

Sibling trio Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are pleased to share a new track “Black Van”. Taken from their forthcoming album Superscope, released on Friday September 29 on Sunday Best via [PIAS], it was one of the first songs recorded for the album arriving courtesy of elder sibling Daisy.


Based around the trio’s core of guitar, bass and drums with various embellishments, the track was written about the thrill and onset of a new relationship whilst on-the-road, its origins first composed whilst waiting for a ferry in a European port. Originally written on piano because of the emotional feel, it was only later that guitars were introduced to give it that sense of hard driving that can be heard on this final version

As Daisy explains: “I got with the guitarist in our support band and consequently had a child with him. They were driving a black van and it’s simply about that. We’d get to a venue and I’d be like where are they, when are they gonna turn up?

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

  1. You’re So Fine
    2. The Game Is On
    3. Team Strong
    4. Slave
    5. Black Van
    6. Love Me So
    7. Down On My Knees
    8. Just One Kiss
    9. Whole Lot Of Love
    10. Broccoli Tempura

Superscope by Kitty, Daisy & Lewis is out Friday September 29on Sunday Best via [PIAS] Get it here:

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