Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, Dream Wife, Oscar and the Wolf, Primus, etc Out Now!

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Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are pleased to unveil their new album SuperscopeSuperscopecontinues to harness their ability to create pop-infused soul, blues, rock n roll and more, mixing up genres to perfection emerging with their musical armoury. The trios return encapsulates the talented, multi-instrumentalist, continued hands-on approach as they write, produce and create sparkling analogue productions.
“‘A new vintage madness between soul, ska and rock’n roll!” Plugged
Out now on Sunday Best via [PIAS]
Dream Wife
Fire EP
London-based and British/Icelandic born Dream Wife have today released their Fire EP, a collection of four tracks featuring three remixes of their latest single of the same name. “Fire” (biLLLy remix) premiered yesterday on the St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival website, and the band will play their debut Australian shows as part of the festival lineup early next year.
Dream Wife have made the perfect song for Leo season.” The FADER
Out now on Pod via Inertia Music
Oscar and the Wolf
In the three years since his emergence, Oscar and The Wolf has gone onto become a superstar back home in Belgium who sells out 20,000 capacity venues and closed last year’s Pukkelpop festival performing above the likes of Rihanna and LCD Soundsystem. Now he’s preparing to expand his fanbase further with new album, Infinity, which he wrote after a year of intense self-exploration.
Fusing exquisite pop with an artful touch, matching a cinematic quality to an
emotive flair, it’s clear that the rest of the world could soon fall under the
spell of Oscar & The Wolf.
” Clash
Out now on Play It Again Sam
The Desaturating Seven
The Desaturating Seven is the first studio album since 1996  from Primus featuring the original line up of Les ClaypoolLarry LaLonde and Tim Alexander. The album is inspired by a 1970’s children’s book Claypool often read to his kids when they were growing up. The book tells a story of seven goblins – one representing each colour of the rainbow – who simultaneously pull all of the colour out of the world.
Maverick, virtuosic circus-funk-metal.” Spin
Out now on ATO Records via [PIAS]
Ben Frost
The Centre Cannot Hold

The Centre Cannot Hold was recorded over ten days by Steve Albini in Chicago. Existing not in space, but in a space; it is a document of an event, of a room, and of the composer within it. It is music that is not fully controlled and appears to be anxiously, often violently competing against its creator. An exercise in limitation and chromatic saturation, the album is an attempt at transcribing a spectrum of glowing ultramarine into sound.
Frost has achieved a thrillingly precarious balance whereby
there is always the tiniest spark of light to glean
amongst the relentless dirge.
” Drowned In Sound
Out now on Mute via [PIAS]
Jessica Lea Mayfield
Sorry Is Gone
Sorry Is Gone is the empowering new album from Jessica Lea Mayfield, which documents an artist moving past a difficult period in her life. Of the record, Mayfield comments, “The whole record is about me taking my life back, without really realising it. I realised I’m the only person that is going to look out for me. I have to be my main person. No one else.
Expertly rendered songs that split the difference between angst and honesty.” American Songwriter
Out now on Sunday Best via [PIAS]
Neō Wax Bloom

Documenting the time-travelling adventures of a gelatinous worm-shaped creature called of Xiangjiao, Neō Wax Bloom follows the events surrounding two giant eyeballs crashing into the mysterious world of Mamu. Across its 11 tracks, Iglooghost builds a typically intense, hysterical, borderline batshit crazy soundtrack, introducing new characters to his fantastical world and inviting back old friends Mr. Yote and Cuushe for the ride.
He is an agent of chaos, always looking for beauty in the mess.” Pitchfork
Out now on Brainfeeder via Inertia Music
J. Roddy Walston & The Business
Destroyers Of The Soft Life

J. Roddy Walston & The Business has melded engaging, melodic songwriting with sharp observations about American culture on their new album Destroyers of the Soft Life. Recorded in a WWII era bomb shelter turned studio, the album features lead single “The Wanting” which speaks to a fractured father-son relationship, taking take an unflinching look at family dynamics and parental motivations.
A gleaming rock release.
Out now on ATO Records via [PIAS]

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