Kids At Midnight – Releases ‘Lovesick’

by the partae

Victoria’s Indie Idol Kids At Midnight has thrown us straight into the deep end with her latest single Lovesick.  I can’t imagine a better anthem for reopening than this flare-up of indie dance immolation. The tune takes me back to the 00s and the absolute filthy era of nu-rave, indie dance, French electro, electroclash and nu disco. An era defined by grinding synths, clanging drums, energy and sweat. It was also an era of musical desegregation, when ravers and rock kids played together and festivals merged dance floors with giant mosh pits. It’s louder and angrier than KAM’s usual teen romance ballads but it’s no less earnest. There’s an authenticity in the lyrics around letting go and being a hot mess, just for the night. The empowerment of letting loose on the dance floor and the elation that can bring. This isn’t a synthwave power ballad but it still sounds like Kids At Midnight and it makes perfect sense with her tenor. I’d be surprised if this one doesn’t end up in your summer renaissance playlist and if things are going to be as wild as this then count me in.

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