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What is your name? 

In Russia, in addition to the name and surname, we have a middle name that is inherited from father’s name – Mikhaylovich. Kirill Mikhaylovich, short – Ki.Mi.

Where are you currently based? 

Now I live in Russia in the “northern capital” the city of Saint-Petersburg. As for me, this is a most beautiful and heartwarming city of our country.

What have you been working on lately?

I am making new tracks now, I have many works I’d like to finish and make something fresh. I have been spending quite a lot of time with experiments in sound lately.

How do you experiment with sound? 

I try to stay away from the usual perception of the emotional layer of the track. Putting the listener in a trance, leading to the new level of perception of the work. All the beauty of a musical work lies not just on the surface, but in its depths and I try to ease this path of complex understanding of sound waves also its deep spatial sound and all its mathematics and physics.

Please tell us about your vinyl label, what is the name? 

This is a good question. By the end of the year we plan to launch a label called “TAKT” – the label will be dedicated to our educational in musical sphere project. Music that will be released there will show our love and devotion to the musical art. (there will be a strict selection).

Also there will be another label, which title I do not want to disclose; the focus will only be on the musical part. No names of artists, track titles, social activities, only music and various forms of its perception. Music will say everything for itself.

How and why did the label start?

The primary reason for launching the label was the desire to release tracks, analogues of which are difficult to find on the Internet, whether it is vinyl or digital. I believe that music that will be released should be with its own homogeneous sound design. I looked through countless number of labels but did not find anything similar that is why it should be something unique.

What are the greatest challenges of starting a vinyl label?

We have been engaged into this for a very long time. At first we had material issues, such as how it’s done, where it can be done, what costs, what process of creation and the printing features of vinyl. Then we have spent the last four years in a search of musical matter that would convey our spirit, knowledge, devotion, passion, love and faith and how to share a piece of our intangible world with the listener. This is probably the biggest question we faced.

Any new remixes on the way? 

I keep on making remixes and my own compositions for various labels. Several tracks will be releases soon on “Take a way” label. And several my new interesting re-interpreted remixes will go on sale soon.

I have much unfinished material that is waiting for its time. And there is a new live program is being prepared for performance and there’s not much left to make it perfect.

You also teach? 

Yes, I’m still teaching and helping novice musicians in this difficult matter. We will open a school of electronic music soon. We focus not only on the novice musicians but we help leveling up the experienced. We help fixing mistakes in mixing and mastering, give music theory and teach how to work in various music software. We offer a wide range of different music services.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Recently I listen to a lot of completely different music; I would not want to single out any specific names of the performers. It all depends on the moment, on my mood or workload. It can be ambient and jazz, some pop projects can appear (here I listen more to the music, rather than textual part). This can be a dnb, a neuro funk or a liquid funk. A lot of house music from classics to deep underground.

Top 3 icons?

I would not single out any specific names, I like a lot of music and most of the artist I like 1-2 tracks.

Most memorable live show and why?

Perhaps it is my first performance in Germany, in Stuttgart. Over the years, I had many performances in many cities of Russia and somehow already knew where and in which city which audience. But in Stuttgart everything was for the first time; much excitement before the performance and a pleasant shock from the fact that the audience was immersed in that atmosphere, its reaction, receptivity to different tracks and of course the club team made me very happy; they were very sociable and friendly people. And I thank them so much for all of that!

When and where are you playing next?

I have performances in Russia the next few months. If you look a little further into the future, my performances in New York, Canada and a small tour of South Africa are just around the corner.


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