Juno Mamba Releases ‘Rainbow Infinity’ From His ‘Infinity’ EP Out Now

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Soothsayer are pleased to present Infinity, the new EP from Naarm/Melbourne artist Juno Mamba (aka Vinci Javier). Released in conjunction with London’s Anjunadeep (Ben Böhmer, Qrion, Lane 8, Yotto, Dusky), Infinity comes with a spotlight on new single ‘Rainbow Infinity’ (premiered today via Progressive Astronaut), a deeply personal song that he dedicates to his Lola’s (Filipino for Grandmother) memory.

Born in the Philippines into a musical family (his mother is a classical pianist), Vinci was surrounded by music in his formative years – it is said that to be Filipino is to have a soundtrack embedded in your life – leading him to become a multi-instrumentalist from a young age. After moving to Ballarat at age five, Vinci found himself a staple in the thriving local music scene, which saw him play shows across Australia, and in the UK.

As he moved into adulthood, he began to discover club music. Having always played in bands and looked to external inspirations, this discovery of something deeper shifted his musical output; it was when he started to focus inwards, that his drive to create emotionally driven dance music flourished, and Juno Mamba was born.

Intricate, cerebral, and deeply rooted in emotion, Infinity is an EP about the infinite gratitude Vinci has for love and for the women in his life that taught him the meaning of love. With each track conveying a formative experience, the EP is a love letter to those who made him the person he is today.

He details: “I hope this music will encourage people to show love for one another because life is a short journey, and the world can do with some right now. Like with all my music, it’s intended to be contemplative and reflective with the hope of unifying us to celebrate life. For me, the memories we create will live beyond our physical life.”

Opener and first single ‘Blue Light’ is a slow burning, euphoric dance track dedicated to the magical feelings tied to youth and first times. “My first experiences going to underage discos was other worldly,” Vinci explains. “Being surrounded by friends, strangers, lights and loud music was pure joy. There was a moment when someone who I’d been thinking about for days approached me and at that moment, life could not be better. I wanted to capture that youthful and euphoric energy in this song. Sonically I was guided by my beautiful memories of this time. The vocals were written by my friend who was with me that night at the underage disco.”

Premiered via Electronic Groove‘Borders’ is an emotional thank you to Vinci’s mother and the sacrifices she endured for him and their family. “Leaving me behind in the Philippines for a few years, while she set the foundations for our new life in Australia, was not easy for her and she is still saddened by the memory,” he recalls. “We were blessed to have my Lola take care of me during that time. When I was writing this song, I was envisioning taking off from Manila Airport, having the window seat and staring out through the clouds. All my early memories of fog filled mornings and icy winters in Ballarat are embedded in this track and I’m forever grateful for Mum.”

VIDEO: Juno Mamba – ‘Rainbow Infinity’

EP closer and today’s focus, ‘Rainbow Infinity’ is a gentle offering that Vinci wrote for his Lola, who sadly passed away three years ago. The sequel to the already-released tribute to his father (‘Slow Malady’), the track features embedded snippets of audio from her funeral and a sample that references death and grief. “She gave our family the gift of music, so I owe a lot of it to her. I’ll never forget when she visited us in Australia in ‘98. She taught me how to cook eggs, something I will cherish forever. I remember the night we dropped her off at the airport, I came home, and she’d left presents under my pillow. I cried all night.”

The title ‘Rainbow Infinity’ references his Lola’s favourite song ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. “Saying goodbye to her 3 years ago was difficult but that moment gave me strength and I was no longer afraid of death. I wanted this song to be a celebration of life.”

Released last month to the joy of fans and industry alike, ‘Blue Light’ saw adds to global Spotify playlists’ Friday Cratediggers, Top Shelf Electronic and New Dance Beats, plus Apple’s New Music Daily in the UK. Infinity follows this year’s acclaimed Freedom EP, which has collected over 700,000 streams and extensive airplay from BBC Radio 1, with lead single ‘Siargao Dreams’ featured as their ‘Chillest Record’. Together, Freedom and his 2020 EP Light Echoes have drawn praise from Mixmag, Complex UK, The Ransom Note, KALTBLUT and NME, plus adds to electronic tastemaker playlists like Spotify’s Brain Food, Electronic Rising, Friday Cratediggers, Just Chill, and Apple Music’s Chill House, Global Dance, Breaking Dance, and Trance & Progressive.

A journey about boundless, all-encompassing love and a masterclass in sonic storytelling, Infinity is a sophisticated offering from an artist who continues to push their own boundaries.

Juno Mamba – Infinity EP

Out now through Soothsayer/Anjunadeep

Listen here

1. Blue Light
2. Borders
3. Rainbow Infinity

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