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“This is one of those songs that has me furiously stroking my moustache with excitement.”
Indie Shuffle (ZAF)

“Juno Disco are a duo to be excited about.”
Pilerats (AUS)

“Sounding equally nostalgic as it does future focused, familiar yet exciting and fresh.”
Purple Sneakers (AUS)

“I’ve got my disco sequence glitter boots on and I’m ready for ANYTHING. Juno sound tracking my big dreams as always.” – 4.5/5 stars
Claire Mooney – triple j (AUS) 

Previous singles added to Spotify playlists ‘New Music Friday (AU/NZ)’, ‘Indie Arrivals’ and ‘Permanent Vacation’

‘Dreamin’ added to rotation on triple j Unearthed


Melbourne-based synth-pop duo Juno Disco have today returned with their inventive new EP ‘House Of Juno’ – produced by the band themselves, mixed by Nick Bond and mastered by Joe Carra (MidlifePond).

Largely created at their home studios, ‘House Of Juno’ is six eclectic tracks that blend the sparkling elements of alternative pop, electronica and house. Arranged with warm synths and syrupy vocal harmonies, brimming with delicate and intricate innovation, the EP is a collective showcase of customary and established song writing.

“’House Of Juno’ was a lockdown baby, born of a deep longing for late nights and sweaty dancefloors,” the duo comments. “The beats hit heavier, the words are more sentimental, all in an effort to quench our thirst for the club. This record was actually produced in a unique way, in that a lot of it was produced via zoom due to lockdown. There were a lot of recording sessions specifically, where Albert would set up a mic and a camera in his studio and I (Nick) would be watching on from my studio, giving notes on each take and really building the songs from there.”

Opening track ‘Two Streets Over’ crescendos and bursts with multicoloured electronics and polyphonic subtleties, including the contributions of local talent Franko Gonzo, before the smooth second track ‘Left To Write’ stipulates a wash of synth pads and infectious hooks. ‘Neon Lights’ ridges the overall energy with the prosperous feature of vocalist Leon Nites, as modulated melodies and syncopated beats stimulate a sweltering, luminous environment.

Pulsing and filtered synth leads initiate the fourth track ‘Don’t Be Fooled’, an anthemic dance-floor encapsulation of phased vocals and radiating textures. ‘Waiting So Long’ sensibly crafts a regulated atmosphere with a serene tempo and judicious use of repetition throughout its five-minute duration, before the final track ‘Dreamin’ punctuates the EP as a nostalgic finale, creating a fusion of arpeggiated sequences, vivid percussion and buoyant dynamic melodies that consistently rise and fall prior to an abrupt ending.

Previous releases have been widely embraced by SpotifyMTV and Australian radio stations triple jtriple j UnearthedRadio Adelaide2SER4ZZZ and JOY FM. They’ve also seen extensive support from tastemaker blogs Indie Shuffle (ZAF), PileratsAcid StagSurviving the Golden Age (USA), Purple SneakersTrouble JuiceDeafen CountyAAA BackstageSomething You Said and Futuremag Music.

In the live arena, the duo has sold out multiple headline shows, supported LEISURE (NZ) and Luke Million, and played Australian festivals like Beyond The Valley and St Kilda Festival.

‘House Of Juno’ is available worldwide now

‘House Of Juno’ Track Listing:

1. Two Streets Over
2. Left To Write
3. Neon Lights (ft. Leon Nites)
4. Don’t Be Fooled
5. Waiting So Long
6. Dreamin’




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