Joseph J. Jones

by the partae

Where are you currently based?

Hornchurch in Essex.

Where did you grow up?

Barking, Ilford, Hornchurch

Please tell us how you started in music and your journey that brought you to where you are now:

I started by messing around on a microphone in a music class in year 8. My mate overheard me singing an old standard and dragged the teacher in to hear me. She forced me to sing in front of the class assembly where every thug and bully you’d ever dreamed of sat and watched on. To my surprise they stood up and cheered me and nicknamed me ‘Frank’ after Sinatra. I really got a buzz for it.

From then on I wanted to be a singer.

My family have always been musical though. Dad can sing, Cousin sings, Uncle plays the drums, Nan was a concert pianist but my Grandad has always been the big influence, he was a Jazz guitarist but unfortunately passed away before I really started to get into music, so my Nan introduced me

to the likes of Chet Baker, Sarah Vaughn, Billy Holiday to name a few and I fell in love.

From there I started playing pubs and clubs for a few years slogging away learning my craft. I started writing, finding my own voice and delving into popular music. Got a manager, Communion Records came to a show and I have spent the last couple years making music and touring, playing amazing shows to amazing audiences which is pretty sick.

You have a unique knack for storytelling, how did you hone your craft?

I personally think it comes from growing up in pubs and hearing the crooks and lovable rogues tell their tales about. Sex, fights, love and loss. Life essentially.

I’ve always been fortunate to have stories to tell though.The hard thing for me was putting those stories in a universal mind set so people can relate to them.

I think it’s important to have story tellers. After all what are we worth without the stories we have to tell.

What influences your writing?

Sex, Fights, Love, Loss, Gospel, Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop. Something that people can relate to. Just being real.

Your new single is ‘Crawl’, what influenced this track?

The inspiration for Crawl came from a personal experience of being messed around by an old flame

I was in a triangle relationship and ended up being the door mat.

The scenario flipped on its head though and I was on the opposite side of the spectrum becoming the instigator of an unhealthy relationship.

So I thought I’d add to the many other heart ache songs out there.

Chain gang music also really played a big part in this track. Felt like I wanted to be free from it all and that style of music really resonated with me.

Where did you record and what equipment did you use for the recording?

We recorded all the songs in Church Studios in crouch end. I couldn’t tell you what equipment we used. If it sounds right ill have it and if there’s a microphone I’ll sing into it. I’m not a technical person when it comes to music so couldn’t tell you. I like to feel it more than anything. But the meat and bones of the songs are Piano, MPC’s, Bass and Samples.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Listening to a lot of Sylvan Esso at the moment I love what they do and how minimal it all is. Her voice is sick too. Also Jacob Banks. What a voice that geezer’s got.

In 2015 you signed to Communion Records when only 23, how have things changed since the signing?

Things have changed in the respect that I don’t sing to one man and his dog no more! I actually get a platform where I share my music and lyrics with people that wanna hear them.

I’m also seeing the world a lot more. Touring around Europe and spreading the word. I’m getting to a place that I wanna be basically. Not there yet though. A lot more work to be done.

Where did you learn to sing?

Learnt to sing off my own back to be honest but if anyone taught me to sing I’d say it was my dad. He could always carry a tune and can to this day. He’s quite the entertainer but not in a show off way. I think seeing him and growing up with him blaring Elvis out a lot taught me how to sing and find my deep tones.

I’ve had one singing lesson in my life though and it was from an elderly lady that lived 10 stories up in a warden controlled flat. She had a grand piano up there, God knows how! She gave me a personal tape to do warm ups to. A real solid woman. Turns out she was George Michaels vocal coach! Only found that out after.

Which artists influence your style and why?

Frank Sinatra because he’s just undeniable

Johnny Cash because he was the first punk rock star and I love his stories

Kanye West for the pure creativity of the man. Love his beats and love his recent albums so much. Really helped me to explore music.

Joy Division for their dark ominous tones through out their music.

A lot of jazz singers influence me.

What can we expect for the future?

You can expect to be seeing me a lot more and especially hearing my voice a lot more. I’m working hard touring everywhere and spearing the word playing every live show I can.

My album will be out next year to so you can expect to hear a piece of my life on record

Favourite food and place to hangout?

The best food is Pasta. Any pasta dish and I’m yours.

My favourite place to hang out is my local the L.T Club next to Hornchuch station. Shame they’re knocking it down! Save the LT!

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