JOHN MORELAND – Big Bad Luv out today!

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“Moreland is one of the great new songwriters of his generation.” – STACK

“He wrings poetry from commonplace words and wisdom from dusty Midwestern country rock, chronicling tangled relationships and dead-end small towns.” Uncut 8/10

“He rocks more than on previous albums, working the territory between Springsteen and Chris Stapleton to good effect. But it’s the ballads that stay with you. Along with “No Glory in Regret,’ songs called “Latchkey Kid” and “Lies I Chose to Believe” will either find a wider audience or be covered by someone bigger who has an ear for sad beauty.” – The Associated Press

Oklahoma troubadour John Moreland has today released his highly anticipated new album Big Bad Luv via 4AD / Remote Control.

Big Bad Luv, is an honest, bruising experience. A record about love, faith and the human condition.

Moving from Kentucky to Tulsa when he was ten years old, John fronted hardcore and punk bands throughout high school years before feeling the pull of the lyricism he heard in folk and country music. A prolific songwriter, he has released largely self-produced albums every other year since 2011.

Big Bad Luv was recorded down in Little Rock, mostly with a crew of Tulsa friends: John Calvin Abneyon piano and guitar, back from Tulsa Heat; Aaron Boehler on bass; Paddy Ryan on drums; Jared Tyleron dobro. And then Lucero‘s Rick Steff on piano, which ended up being the catalyst for completion. It was later mixed by GRAMMY winning Tchad Blake, who has worked with Al Green and Tom Waits.

“I always start off writing whatever comes naturally,” Moreland says. “Once I’ve got seven or eight of those, then I’ll take stock and look at what I’ve got, figure out what belongs on a record together, and what might not. Then I’ll figure out what kind of songs I need.”

Three sessions over ten months, sandwiched between touring dates and life. “Quick bursts of recording,”Moreland goes on. Gives off a quick laugh. “It’s not like we’re sitting there over-thinking the performances, I’m definitely a fan of just hit record and play it. But then there’s long stretches where I’m not in the studio, when I’m listening to what I did, asking how do I turn this into a record?”

The key turned out to be Rick Steff‘s promise to record next week, even though Moreland didn’t have songs, not a one. “I went home and wrote five songs in four days and finished up,” Moreland says.

Purchase / Stream Big Bad Luv:

Big Bad Luv

1. Sallisaw Blue
2. Old Wounds
3. Every Kind of Wrong
4. Love Is Not an Answer
5. Lies I Chose to Believe
6. Amen, So Be It
7. No Glory in Regret
8. Ain’t We Gold
9. Slow Down Easy
10. It Don’t Suit Me (Like Before)
11. Latchkey Kid

John Moreland – Big Bad Luv is out now via 4AD / Remote Control Records.

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