Jason Dawson ‘Lonely Hearts’ Premiere

by the partae

A lot can happen in two years. You can rise to local fame after an impromptu performance with one of your idols (Bebe Rexha), a global pandemic can hit and force the world into a lockdown for months and you can fall in love and get your heart broken into a million pieces, all while gearing up to release your debut single. Fortunately, for budding independent artist, Jason Dawson, he knows how to turn any experience into a song.

His first introduction into the music world was his debut single, Anchor. An upbeat electro-pop song that makes you want to dance while getting your heart broken. It was able to garner the attention of music blogs and listeners alike, racking up thousands of streams in its first week of being released. Following up on the success of his debut single, Jason released his follow up track, Alone. A song penned about his own experiences dealing with toxic behaviours in a relationship. Jason is ready to take the world by storm and show just what you can do with a lonely heart.


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