Jacques Bon

by the partae

How did you start?

If you talk about producing music, i started when i was 14 maybe, with some cracked version of fast tracker, and later cubase and logic. I also started to buy my first 12″ records at the same time in 96, in shops like rough trade in bastille and then also da groove or katapult If you talk about the record shop, we opened it 10 years ago with Pantha Du Prince. We first had a corner in a Rick Owens concept sore. Then we had a few different addresses that we shared with other entities but we now have our own store since january 2017.

Where are you currently based?

I live in Paris. The new shop address is 26 rue du Chateau d’Eau, near République. It s open from monday till saturday, from 2pm till 8pm.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

The new l’amour fou ep, it will be out very soon on smallville 🙂

What is your equipment setup?

If you talk about the studio where i produce my tracks, there s a few analog stuff, like a juno 106, a tb 303, or some drum machines.. i also have a prophet 600 and some effects. But i also love to produce tracks when i m far away from the studio, using what i can, like recordings (from my zoom h2) or samples, and plugs ins…

Favorite show of all time?

It s very difficult to pick one, i d say first at Golden Pudel, but also Fusion Festival, or Panorama Bar and Robert Johnson…

All of them are some great places to play where i  have some great memories.

It’s now 10 years since Smallville Records Paris started, how has the label progressed in this time?

As i said, the shop is now independant, we don’t split the place with others anymore. So it feels really good to be free at last.

We do a lot of showcases, and we can stock a wider range of music styles. We also get more second hand stuff. So it s all good, still growing and it s a pleasure to still see some longterm customers 🙂

How did Smallville Records begin?

Smallville Records was created by Lawrence, Julius Steinhoff and Stella Plazonja in Hamburg in 2005. And also by Stefan Marx of course, who is doing its very unique artwork conception.

I think we all have in common that great pleasure to share our love of music and art and beyond.

Please tell us about your last release on Beat in Space  https://soundcloud.com/timsweeney/jacques-bon-island ?

I m very glad about this release. It s great to work with Tim Sweeney. It was produced a few years ago when my studio was still in my bedroom. As the title suggests, the tracks were all produced during some morning sessions (with a kind of virgin mind that is not polluted yet by the stress of life)

What influences you?

I think maybe the secret is to keep your heart and mind open to anything that touches you and can be transposed into your own language.

Where do you like to hang out?

On the bank in front of my shop during the day, and at night i would say at golden pudel in hamburg or at pulp back in the days in paris…

Favorite food?

Japanese food


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