Jacob Fitzgerald Releases Eagerly-Awaited Sophomore EP ‘Pretend I’m Cool’

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‘Pretty Good for My Mind’ music video featured on MTV Upload

‘Pretty Good for My Mind’ included in Music Feeds New Aus Music Playlist

“Electronic beats mash with lo-fi guitars creating an indie pop aesthetic that gives the song a charming hue that will brighten your day.”
Scenstr [About ‘Pretty Good for My Mind’]

“a heady mix of impassioned rock n roll”
(Declan Byrne, Triple J) [About ‘Pretty Good for My Mind’]

“Sure, your voice is lovely but you’ve also got a way with words that’s incredibly modern and moving” (Tommy Faith, Triple J) [About ‘Blue’]

Debut single ‘Adore Ya’ included in Spotify Australian Viral 50 (November 2018)

Jacob Fitzgerald, with his rousing storytelling and dazzling indie pop/rock charm, is definitely living up to the hype with the eagerly-awaited reveal of his sophomore EP ‘Pretend I’m Cool’ on November 19.

Having already been treated to a delectable EP taste with recently released singles ‘Pretty Good For My Mind’ and ‘Lonely’, this year has seen Fitzgerald and his band explore a new trajectory, blending nostalgic pop influences with bold indie-rock dynamism to create intoxicating soundscapes dipped in grandeur.

Now, the love song connoisseur has unveiled his seven-track EP ‘Pretend I’m Cool’, using lavish vocals and luminous hooks to traverse through the many experiences and emotions surfacing from love, romance and relationships.

Opening the EP in vibrant 80s pop style is ‘Pretty Good For My Mind’Fitzgerald delivers a buoyant blend of nostalgic and modern influences to detail the night that his parents met, conjuring glittering images of voluminous locks and flamboyant fits.

Brimming with the irresistible optimism of a rom-com classic, ‘Never Just Sex’ presents a slight country-pop twinge to the warm guitar layers and luring lyrical hooks as Fitzgerald delivers a cheeky yet earnest tale of being brave and going after what you want.

Title-track ‘Pretend I’m Cool’ saunters in with fevered synths, funky guitars and ripping horns as Fitzgerald unleashes the sexier side of his music with a steamy vocal delivery. With an undeniable confidence that radiates from the track, it cleverly explores the different things that one does in order to impress others.

At the EP’s centre sits ‘Catching Lightning’, paying homage to Fitzgerald’s acoustic roots with a tender love song, glistening with the raw strength that comes from the intimately personal experience of falling in love, striking with a warming embrace of acoustic guitars, rich vocals and elegant piano-lead melodies.

‘Lonely’ emerges next with all the cinematic qualities of decade-defying rock legends as Fitzgerald’s lustrous vocal mixes with hearty guitars and forceful drums to produce a lust-filled track boasting a mammoth build to indie-rock glory.

Then, ‘Love Hurts’ gracefully ascends as a contemplative sequel to ‘Lonely’, smooth harmonious melodies and expertly layered instrumentals emanating with a powerful vulnerability reminiscent of being caught off guard by love as Fitzgerald’s songwriting artistry shines through.

Closing the EP in a flurry of rousing folk-infused energy is ‘Bit of a Mess’, painting a hopeful picture of redemption, Fitzgerald’s vocals reaching their powerful peak within the roaring chorus, as rallying beats and plucky guitars take the EP to its strong, radiant end.

The time for pretending is over because Jacob Fitzgerald’s sophomore EP ‘Pretend I’m Cool’ is out everywhere on November 19.

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