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Introducing TWO, a song writing duo comprised of Alfie Jackson (ex Holloways frontman turned songwriter/producer) and multi-talented playwright and performer Gemma Rogers.

Mixing dark folk with lyrics from the shadows, the music ebbs and flows through very murky waters. They are set to release their debut single ‘Angels’ next month.

“Angels was only the 2nd song we’d ever written” notes Gemma. “Nursing hangovers on a Saturday morning we shared our saddest stories and came up with the opening line “I’m never going back”; from there the song wrote itself.”

‘Angels’ is is taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Great Expectations’, which is due for release in early 2019.

With no conscious influences to speak of, as Alfie puts it “we just sat down and wrote some songs”, the lead track from the EP ‘Angels’ is streaming now – listen here.


Alfie and Gemma met while playing on the same bill together and immediately knew they wanted to work together. Writing songs remotely (Alfie lives in Austria) they recently racked up more than 20,000 plays in just two weeks on their first collaboration for Gemma’s solo project (single ‘Stop’ was released in August).

Watch out for the second single from this project as it’s expected to get equally positive responses & there’s a chance that these ‘two’ are going to find a way of combining both projects in the future.

Catch TWO live: 

December 14th – Boogaloo radio live session
December 20th – Christmas edition of Sunset sounds – Coal House Cafe @ The London Wildlife Trust
March 2nd & 3rd – Fat Tuesday Tour

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