Introducing: CC Honeymoon & debut single ‘Part Time View’

by the partae

CC Honeymoon Announces Debut Single –

Listen here:

London used to be a really sexy City. There was decadence and outrage. It was Virginia Woolf, it was George Dyer, it was Quentin Crisp it was Jimi Hendrix. Over some 20 years that reputation has subsided and the City, though marvellous and rich in many ways, has lost a hint of glamour.

CC Honeymoon wants to see about that.

Musically it’s the belligerent lovechild of The Weeknd and John Maus – it’s electro pop on the night bus, the dark pop of Trash and illicit minicab adventures. It’s Chariots and the river, a 4am romance, it’s the dole, its 1980s Soho.

It’s CC Honeymoon.


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