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There’s an old adage that it’s the singer not the song. That’s not strictly correct. It’s all about the singer and the song. Without those two components you have nothing.  No amount of production, studio trickery and sheen can compensate for the lack of those two essential ingredients.

Chloe Styler has both of these things – in spades. She can sing like an emotional, empowered angel, and has songs that she owns, lyrics of observation, heart and soul that she delivers with an intensity and commitment that make you believe she experienced the events and then wrote about them five minutes before she walked into the studio.

“Consider Me Gone” is one of those tracks and the first lifted from the 24-year old’s forthcoming debut album.

Recorded at The Grove Studios, “Consider Me Gone”, sees Andy Mak (Vera Blue/Winterbourne) at the production helm and on bass, piano and keys. Harry Day from Middle Kids features on drums while Sam Telford (Vera Blue) provides guitars. It’s impeccably mixed by Jackson Barclay (Birds of Tokyo) and mastered by US dream team, Greg Calbi & Steven Fallone (Tame Impala/Taylor Swift).

“The whole team worked so well together to bring this song to life in a way I could never have imagined”, says Chloe.

“It’s the perfect blend of every influence of mine, from early 2000s punk pop to 80s pop to a more contemporary indie pop – it’s the perfect song to welcome you all to this new era”.

“Writing Consider Me Gone was like going to therapy. I was able to get all the feelings out that I’d held in for so long, and the words practically fell onto the paper in front of me. There’s no anger, regret or any ill feeling in this song – just relief for finally being able to let go of something that I held onto for way too long”.

The accompanying music video was shot by an all-female production team including director, Madeline Jones (Meg Mac) on a beautiful sun-drenched day on Queensland’s Gold Coast in between lockdowns.

“Filming the music video was so much fun! It was the perfect day to film, and it couldn’t have happened without my amazing all female-team. I’m so proud of what we were able to create. It was crazy to see my pink-California dream Pinterest board come to life on the Gold Coast”.

“Consider Me Gone has been a long time coming and I can’t wait for it to reach the people it needs to. Remember – you’re the director of your own movie! Write your own lines!”

“Consider Me Gone” by Chloe Styler is available now through MGM.

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