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ill Fayze returns with his latest single “Closed Captions (feat. Ralph Larenzo)” available October 26th. The release comes after a busy year from the US east-coast rapper highlighted by the buzzing single “No Pictures”, which has accumulated over 20,000 plays on Soundcloud alone. He has also been working heavily behind the scenes, perfecting his Sweet Tooth EP that is due for release later this year.

By making it one of his missions to express the true essence of hip-hop and where its original values lies, ill Fayze proves to be a breath of fresh air in the ever growing climate of rappers lacking subject matter and displays his knowledge and frame of mind on his recent thesis project “The History of Raph”.

Closed Captions serves as another offering from the anticipated “Sweet Tooth” release, painting the themes of socializing and getting acquainted with significant others. Throughout the track ill Fayze travels through his own mind while simultaneously remaining cool, suggesting that there is more than what meets the eye to the young party goer. He touches on his religious beliefs and dreams of what he hopes to accomplish and the hook, performed by Ralph Larenzo, solidifies that there are no closed captions to his thoughts on what goes on in his mind.

With an exciting roll-out fast approaching, it is clear that ill Fayze has found his creative path and is definitely one to keep your eye on. You can find out more about ill Fayze and future releases/performances via his social media links below.


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