Hot Wax

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Hot Wax

What is your name and role within Hot Wax?

Hey I’m Nicky, front man in Hot Wax, rock and roll star.

Where are you currently based and what is the music scene like there?

We’re based in Kirra, South Gold Coast. The music scene is healthy right now on the coast. I’m sure people are about to hear a lot from this area.

You’ve just finished a recording session with US heavy weight record producer Nick Didia, what went down? 

We spent three days in the La Cueva studio with Nick just north of Byron Bay, we went there to work on our next single. It was a big three days, Bernard Fanning came by with his Dog, Jake (our guitarist) loves dogs so this made his day! It was great to see Bernard too haha

Where and did you record?

Nick produced our next single Quit Your Job, it’s coming out real soon but we are just finalising dates.

How did you come to work with Nick Didia?

Our sound man Nickita actually interned with Nick a few years ago when he was still at 301 in Byron so we had a connection. We sent through a demo and Nick replied the next day saying he would be happy to work with us.

You have a new single on the way, what influenced the sound and songwriting for this single?

The song’s called quit your job. It’s about having to go out everyday and do things you don’t want to do. We’re sure a lot of people can relate to this and the sound comes from the stress and frustration behind that feeling.

What’s the name of the track?


How do you usually go about writing songs?

We just hang out and jam at our studio in Kirra, we play around with ideas and when one feels right we’ll take it further. We keep it natural. When songs are forced it really comes across in the track and we’re not about that.

How did Hot Wax form?

We were all in another band, the old band had some other members but it just wasn’t working. Matt, Brad, Jake and I are all mates and we just saw a better way. We stepped back into doing what feels right to us and Hot Wax came together.

You’re on tour right now and are playing at the Australian Music Week in Sydney, what do you have install for this show?

We just there to play our music, at these bigger events it seems people are always running with gimmicks and all this extra stuff. To me that just seems like you don’t believe in yourself, why do all that just for attention? If your music’s good just play it.

We want to show the world a bit about the Gold Coast. We have this madness of a rep up here around schoolies and theme parks but that’s really not what’s going on. Behind all of that that big things happening within dance, art and music. We’re so grateful to live here. This isn’t just for AMW, it’s more about who who we are and where we’re from.

How do you prepare for live shows?

We don’t really, we always at the studio so we can play live when ever we want. We take what we do there and put it on a stage.

What do you find most challenging and rewarding when on tour?

Touring is all reward to us, meeting people, playing our songs and seeing new places.

You’re off to California in April to play some shows, what can the Cali fans expect from these upcoming shows?

We’re taking the Gold Coast on tour. We’re actually going over to finalise a bigger U.S. tour happening late in 2019 and decided we should probably play some shows while we’re there. We’re gonna play some nice spots and be us. We’ll be talking more about this in the new year.

What do you have planned for the remainder of 2018 going into 2019?

2018 now is all about the new single, we have the video shoot coming up and heaps of promo surrounding it. I wish I had dates to give you but it’s coming real soon.

What do you like to do outside of music?

Outside of music, where’s that? Never been sorry.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

Our favourite place to hang out is obviously our studio. But food, seriously, the Gold Coast is the one for food there are way to many places to name. I spend way to much money eating out but we are so spoilt right here. Indulgence is key, come to the coast and we’ll show you what’s up.

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